Effective and Creative Sound Installation

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Effective and Creative Sound Installation

There's more to sound systems than putting speakers anywhere they fit. From business communications to venue presentations, proper placement can boost sound performance and customer satisfaction by making the audio experience crisp, comfortable, and understandable. Here are a few things to consider for sound system installation to make sure you're getting the right services.

Waiting Room Music Doesn't Have To Be Boring

There aren't many awards passed around for waiting room music. Aside from playing radio music or popular songs, there's not a lot to say about the music aside from the psychological aspect of keeping people comfortable and mentally occupied. This is less helpful if the sound quality is bad.

Getting quality speakers is important, but placement also needs to be proper for good sound. The speaker mounting is important because even a corner-mounted speaker can produce different types of sounds if pointing at a specific wall the wrong way.

Sound can be blocked and unavailable to some parts of an area, or it could vibrate and buzz so much that seats in waiting rooms or work areas near the speaker can be unbearable. This is especially a problem in rooms that have loose metal or plastic furniture, or windows that rattle easily.

If sound quality is top priority for projects such as private theaters or immersive gaming rooms, speaker placement must be measured by an audio professional who can perform an in-person analysis of the area. There are many things to consider, including the walls, objects usually in the area and the usual ambient noise such as machines or tools.

Once the placement is assessed, the speaker systems must be installed in a way that won't be damaged by day-to-day operations. This means safe installation inside walls, or wiring that is hidden or shielded.

Announcements Need Powerful Speakers

Music often needs to be loud in public settings for the listeners to enjoy the setting, but announcements require a bit more precision. Over-driven sound can buzz and rattle, which may decrease the sound quality enough to make spoken words harder to hear for people who need quick information.

The previous placement considerations are still in place, but the PA (public address) system speakers must be installed with a design that broadcasts at a high volume spread over a wide area--just enough to be heard across waiting areas without damaging ear drums.

An alternative plan is to have multiple, smaller speakers that create a network of local sound. Though some parts may be drowned out, crucial workstations and waiting areas can get the announcements they need at a comfortable volume.

Contact a sound system installation professional to discuss placement, speaker models and other sound system considerations.

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