Easy Ways to Make Better Use of Your Space

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Easy Ways to Make Better Use of Your Space

Get your home organized using these fun and creative tips for maximizing your space

Are you feeling like your home is bursting at the seams or that things just aren't in the right place? Don't let your stuff overwhelm you. There are plenty of clever and creative ways to sort, store, and streamline your things. Here are a few of our favorite tips for making better use of your space.

Make use of your walls

Attractive and functional shelving can turn your walls into storage space that doubles as decor.

*Add rods *

Maximize your closet space by installing a second rod at about waist height, giving you twice the hanging room for short clothing such as skirts and blazers.

Invest in organizers

From spice racks to shoe trees, there are many great products you can buy to keep your cupboards and closets tidy and organized.

Choose furniture with storage

Easily add lots of storage space to your home with ottomans that have secret compartments, coffee tables with space underneath the surface for storage baskets, and side tables with drawers and cabinets.

*Look for unconventional storage spaces *

On top of bookcases and under beds are perfect places to stow blankets, books, boxes, and other items.

Repurpose common items

Have you got some extra ice cube trays? Use them to sort and hold assorted screws, washers, and other small items. Extra mesh grocery bags? They can hold your toilet paper stash. The ideas are literally endless.

Consider your unique needs

Do you have a den that you rarely use but find yourself longing for a proper home office? Consider converting the den into the space that fulfills your needs. There's no rule that says the rooms in your home must only serve one purpose.

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