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In a time where profits are made and lost online, there is much to be said about the techniques of advertising done without the use of the internet.  While commercials and mass-mailings may be common sense to some companies, there is one avenue the many have yet to travel - turning your vehicle into a roving billboard.

You don't need a large business with a motor pool at your marketing disposal, a single vehicle can provide an opportunity to attract new customers.  Consider something removable like magnets for the doors and rear of your vehicle.  Make sure you include contact information for your company where more information about your product or services can be found.  Window vinyls can also be customized to display your logo and name, but be mindful of the size, style, and amount of text as these factors can greatly effect the readability of your message.  For a high-impact but more permanent and costly choice, customize the paint scheme of your vehicle (Mary Kay is known for this) or have a wrap with your brand and eye-catching design applied.

Whether you decide to slap a bumper sticker on the back of your personal vehicle, or personalize an entire fleet of company cars with attention-grabbing signage, the key to any great offline lead generation is to think outside the box.

Lauren B.

Lauren B.

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Lauren has held positions in both law enforcement and health care, as well as swearing to defend her country in the military. These experiences have provided her with insights and opportunities not had by many, enabling her to bring a unique and fresh perspective to her writ...

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