DIY Home Improvement: Getting It All Back Home

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DIY Home Improvement: Getting It All Back Home

If you've just moved into your first home, you're probably neck-deep in home improvement projects. Your new home is great for starting a family, and you want it ready for when you take the plunge into parenthood. When you moved in, you knew that you'd want to wall off the laundry area in the basement. You've also noticed that the back deck could benefit from a few new boards and a fresh coat of paint. Then, if you put a new half bathroom in the basement, that space would be perfect for entertaining. You can envision the epic Superbowl parties without even closing your eyes. Before you know it, you're neck deep in home improvement projects, and you haven't even started thinking about the garden. No better way to spend a season's worth of weekends, eh? Well, you will need to first get all of the tools and materials. For that, you need a way to haul all of it. The best laid plans of any home-improvement dynamo can be quashed by an inadequate vehicle.

Haul the Materials

Your SUV can easily handle all of the sheetrock, plywood, tools, and 2x4s you will ever need. Open the rear hatch door, fold down the seats and load it all it. After all, SUVs can have up to 115 square feet of cargo volume, if not more, and should have no problem handling everything you need. If you need to carry large sheets of plywood back home, you can strap those to the roof racks. To protect your beautiful automobile, be sure to protect your carpeting and leather seats with a canvas tarp or other cover.

One SUV to Do it All

The beauty of driving an SUV is having a vehicle that can do it all. Nowadays, they have all the luxury appointments you could ask for: heated and cooled seats, navigation, rear vision camera, and a boss stereo system. They take care of all of your recreational needs, too. Then, it's your workhorse hauler for home-improvement projects. To top it all off, the ride is silky smooth and you never feel like you're in a fully-functional work truck. Once the work is done, you can clean up and hit the hottest new restaurant in town.

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