Description of a coat for an online clothing catalog

A Scripted Freelance Writer Writing Sample

Imagine you're striding confidently down the city street. Heads turn as you pass, admiring not just your confident beauty, but also your smart fashion sense. The Floral Silk Nehru Jacket is a sturdy, yet stylish piece for strong, bold women leaders. And you are rocking it.

You'll find this jacket is extremely comfortable, warm on chilly days, and can coordinate with most of your wardrobe. The silk fabric elevates it to a go-to outfit topper for semi-casual occasions where you want to be a little dressed up, but not too much. The crisp, military style gives it a formality that makes it right for a date, brunch with your besties, or a night on the town; while the mandarin collar adds just the right touch of femininity.

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