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Rinsurya. He had become the sole ruler of the Limitless world not too long ago. He relaxed on his magnanimous throne, his dark eyes perusing the contents of a small leather-bound journal that belonged to his sister. His throne looked as if a crystal had exploded. Shards flew in every direction except forwards (towards the occupant of the throne). Each stone glistened like the burning of a thousand suns. Each pristine and awe-inspiring in its beauty. The shards hung suspended in the air by an invisible force, adding to the divine nature of this throne.

Rinsurya wore his usual regal attire; black garments with several necklaces and chains (all of which were silver) hanging from his neck, the gaps of which were embroidered with many colored jewels. He wore a white fur of some rare beast around his neck and a long black cape. This cape was so long that 6 followers had to carry it behind him when walked.

The leather-bound tome that Rinsurya was reading was one of his sister's enormous collections. There were millions of these thick and heavy books, detailing all of human history, human media, human culture, and many more topics pertaining to human life. Humanity was a particular area of interest for her as she found it astounding how such a primitive species could have such cultural differences and diversity that even the Sentons did not possess.

She had hidden all these books on a planet devoid of life. It had an exposed core that was orbited by a hollow sphere of rocks, with many mountains and pools of molten lava. His subordinate, which Rinsurya instructed to retrieve these journals for him, had done an excellent job. After making his report, Rinsurya dismissed him, and he had hesitated for a few moments before leaving (this showed that he was expecting something more from Rinsurya). Rinsurya had been overjoyed about this but hid his pleasure within his heart. He asked the subordinate to return. Of course, this man would never see the light of day again.

Life had gotten so boring recently. After killing his sister and gaining her power, it had not taken him long to completely dominate the people of his world. He despised her manifold but within that hatred lay admiration. He had to admit it; she had style. Something even he did not have to her extent. She could endear herself to all those who met her, even if she was the most powerful Sentone in history. That is why it was so difficult to make the people believe she was a treasonous traitor who was defiling their country. Still, all the drama from that had now blown over and he now had sole, undisputed control of the Limitless world.

This world had looked down on him from birth. This world where he was mocked in private. This world where pretentious admiration was offered to him in the most haphazard of manners.

Nevertheless, he had come out on top. He was now the Supreme One of the Limitless race. People genuinely revered him, or at least, they learned to fake their authenticity to a point where it was indiscernible.

He did not feel guilty about killing his sister in the slightest. The Sentones were the most powerful beings in the whole of existence, and rather than conquering the other worlds that they had not yet gained control of, or even taking action to aid the different beings in prospering and growing, the Sentones decided simply to abstain from interfering with the ongoings of the other beings' existence. Such a weak-willed directive was typical of their leadership. Choices like these were commonplace throughout every decision they made. Even when Rinsurya was made king of this world, he could not spontaneously decide to go out conquering faraway planets (as much as he would like to). If he had attempted to do so, the people would have rioted, the royalty of other worlds would attack this planet and his sister would most definitely step in to end his plans. Which was why he could only look to conquer the rest of existence after he gained control of the two other worlds where the Sentons lived.

He looked forward to rallying the two other worlds under his rule. Unfortunately, he had to wait until the situation of his own world had completely returned to normal before making a move. After all, it would be too risky to turn attention elsewhere when things were not completely in check on the Limitless world.

Still, he could not wait to conquer the other worlds. Upon seeing how powerful he was, people understood that there was no defeating him through any means they had available to them. There were a few upstarts when he had first reported what had happened with his sister, which had made him happy from head to toe. He deeply appreciated people who spoke their minds. Not only could he learn from them, but they were also the only people whom he could torture. But now they were all either dead, captured, or realized how foolish it was to speak your mind to the Supreme One, which left Rinsurya with nothing to do except being a king.

"It's only for a brief time anyway," he thought to himself. Soon he would gain incomparable power and could take them on.

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