Craftacular Vendor Spotlight: Not Just Tea

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For me, winter is all about curling up with a Netflix or a good book and a nice cup of herbal tea. Actually, that's how I cope with every season. I'm definitely adding some teas from Not Just Tea to my cupboard this holiday season. Not Just Tea is a "boutique specialty tea company that specializes in hand-blending the finest whole-leaf teas to create new and interesting tea blends for maximum taste and healthy benefits." As the name suggests, Not Just Tea offers more than just your average English breakfast and green tea blends. Some blends that caught my eye were Sweet Apple Pie, an African Rooibos tea with vanilla and apples, and Autumn Sunset, a citrus and ginger-spiked Oolong. Not Just Tea also offers accessories to make your tea-drinking experience easier, such as mesh tea bags, funky teapots, and tea bags. You can also invite Not Just Tea to your next party to teach your guests about the history of tea and treat them to personalized tea tastings. Now that sounds way more fun than a Tupperware party. Learn more about Not Just Tea and more than 70 other venders at BUST Magazines Holiday Craftacular this December 1st and 2nd at 82 Mercer St. in SoHo from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Find out more here!

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