Children Learn with "Beauty and the Beast"

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One of the best animated films for children is Walt Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. This musical masterpiece is captivating right from the beginning. Children are quickly made aware that the main character “Belle” is an avid reader and loves to use her imagination. The film demonstrates many lessons necessary to form healthy relationships. Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” utilizes contrasting colors and vibrant music to capture the attention of children. The bright yellow of Belle’s gown next to the stunning blue of Beast’s jacket is a great example of how colors are used to stimulate the sensibilities of young children. Belle is depicted as an intellectual with a love for reading. Not even the constant teasing and badgering by others will cause her to turn away from her love of learning. This message, encouraging reading and exploration, is one that benefits adults and children alike. Possibly the most wonderful feature of “Beauty and the Beast” is that the film shows how two people with different appearances can learn from one another. This lesson is taught in a way that promotes compassion for others. Additionally, the film provides ample opportunities for children to think of how they may utilize what they have learned in their own lives. While many animated films provide engaging entertainment, interesting content and useful lessons, “Beauty and the Beast” surpasses them all. This film captivates, encourages and teaches in a variety of positive ways. Children are sure to enjoy and learn from this animated film for generations to come.

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