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You know how important innovation is, and you're ready to make strides to meet cost, consumer experience, and technology demands head-on. Do you have the right partner working with you? Our healthcare consultants offer a breadth of senior-level experience, relevant understanding, integrated knowledge, and actionable results. And they're ready to work with you to unlock the opportunities created by transformation.

Here are some real-world examples of our consultants in action, applying pragmatic approaches that work, to help clients define new strategies and bring them to life:


The Problem – Mitigating Risk

A state-wide health plan provider in Minnesota working with individuals and families choosing healthcare through Medicaid and MNsure, the state insurance market, needed to navigate ICD-10 remediation challenges with as little disruption to normal work processes as possible.

The Solution – Strategic Execution

The world of regulations and compliance is ever-changing. With increasing competition within government markets, it's important that assessments, improvements, implementations, and remediation happen smoothly, to decrease audits, accurately identify risk, and achieve quality scores.

Working with this organization, our team of experts provided invaluable senior-level consulting knowledge, and tackled a large scope of work with sensitivity to the organization's budget and processes to accomplish success within the parameters of their capabilities.

What They Said

"Even before we hired them, we were impressed that the consultants came forward with information and knowledge that helped us, instead of just making a generic consulting pitch. When they told us the scope of work required and it was astonishingly high, we never stopped to wonder if Change Healthcare really knew what they were doing. And, I would definitely say that hiring Change Heathcare has been cost effective for our organization." -- Program Manager


The Problem – System Modernization

A large-scale health and dental insurance exchange needed to convert to a new claims system. The transition was the largest undertaking the 75-year-old organization had ever undertaken. They needed to transition from their current system, which served over 1 million members, and acted as a core to virtually all of their member services.

The Solution – Pragmatic Planning

Technology pushes the healthcare industry to innovate, but sometimes the drawback is having to keep up with the pace of development. Converting to a new system can be a challenge – the transition takes careful planning and expert timing.

Working with this large-scale health and dental insurance exchange, our consultants provided expert assistance in planning, executing, and monitoring the switchover process.

What They Said

"The success of our project is largely due to the contributions of the Change Healthcare consulting team, who provided us with expert advice and leadership in many key areas. The consultants work hard and in collaboration with our team, and they not only delivered on their specific commitments, they have also been an extension of our own staff, looking at the big picture with a long-term view in mind." -- President


In a healthcare market that demands agile adaptability, you need a partner you can depend on to meet challenges head on. We're a dedicated team of experienced, diverse, passionate, and creative team members with a shared vision to enable smarter healthcare. Let us help you cut through complexity, eliminate inefficiencies, chart a clear path forward, and stay ahead of shifts in the marketplace.


Your partner, working side-by-side to effect meaningful transformations.

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