Cedar Oil For Fleas

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Cedar Oil For Fleas An Alternative To Commercial Treatments Is there a viable alternative to commercial chemical flea treatments? Fleas are a persistent pest that will in fest not only your dogs but your home and all its residents.While the commercial alternatives may be considered as an effective method of getting rid of an infestation, it's believed the pesticides they contain can have some potentially negative drawbacks, some ingredients are known to contain carcinogens and there is a potential for harming the internal organs. But there is hope, Cedar oil for fleas is a very effective treatment. Fleas(134444) A Bit About Fleas The life cycle of a flea typically lasts from 7 to 21 days, This makes them difficult to control. For the flea larvae to thrive it needs moist organic debris which provides them with the necessary shelter and sustenance - this aids in their successful reproductive process. Fleas cannot survive in direct sunlight which is why places such as carpets and dark nooks and crannies in your home are so accommodating to them. After the larvae stage, the adult flea needs to find a host for a source of food and shelter within a day or 2 to survive and reproduce - That's where your dog and even you come in! Does My Dog Have Fleas? A Natural Alternative Cedar oil has been considered throughout the ages as an effective decontaminate for homes and among its uses a very effective treatment for flea infestations. Cedar oil works through being absorbed through the pores of the flea and effectively suffocating it. Trials using cedar oil have found it to be extremely effective for killing fleas on contact it also disposes of mites and lice. It also assists in stopping the itching associated with the flea infestation, heals hot spots whilst promoting new hair growth. Other benefits include. Deterring ticks, moisturizing skin, its 100% biodegradable and non-toxic and it's also has a very effective antifungal and anti-bacterial effect on your dog's skin. cedar oil for flea treatment How to apply Spray the oil straight onto​ your dogs coat then rub it in making sure to get into the base of the tail, joints of her legs the groin and stomach, for her neck and head rub the oil in with your hands being sure not to get any on her nose or eyes. Another trick to use for her dog bed is a bag made of an old pair of jeans or any suitable material, filled with cedar chips soaked in cedar oil this is very effective for keeping her bed free from flea infestation. Other recommendations for flea control As well as using cedar oil for flea control on your dog you can also use it around your home to reduce any chance of infestation. Spray furniture, cushions, carpets, rugs, stuffed toys, throws and bedding. vacuüm your home thoroughly getting into all the corners and edges afterwards empty your vacuüm cleaner and spray with cedar oil to clean it and make sure all the fleas are dead. If your dog has fleas bathe him regularly in warm soapy water whilst fighting his infestation as fleas are less attracted to clean animals.

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