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The DB11 unites classic familiarity with innovative design and features, paving the way for an all-new generation, whilst superbly keeping the essence of what makes Aston Martin so notorious and memorable. Recognisable, although distinctive. Something, we know you will appreciate and admire. Whether you are realising a childhood dream or adding to your collection, we know what our cars symbolise for you, so have invested all of our passion and expertise into producing something special. With dual single-scroll Turbochargers and direct injection-sequential electronic fuel injection, it boasts exceptional efficiency and capabilities, reaching 0-62mph in only 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 187mph (V8 model). We know that performance is important to you, that is why with painstaking precision and engineering, it has been optimised for durability and performance with completely re-worked chassis, suspension, electric power-assisted steering, and electronics. Inside, skillfully crafted upholsteries and state-of-the-art climate control and infotainment technology provide the highest standard in luxurious comfort for your experience whether driving in the countryside or on a track day. Meticulously sculptured, and attention-grabbing, externally it exhibits the recognisable, seamless elements, whilst integrating a new grille, clamshell hood, and Aston Martin Aeroblade. This is not just a car, but a statement. To maximise your delectation, there is a wide range of options in order to personalise your model. You can choose from a wide palette of colours and many more detailed options and accessories, including audio systems, touch controls, or types of wheels.

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