Buyer's Guide to Yoga Pants: Marina SF Edition

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For better or worse, yoga pants are a staple of contemporary California fashion. Where should a San Franciscan look for the highest quality yoga pants?

Take a trip down to the Marina District and it'll soon become apparent: it's not a matter of if, but when, you'll spot a San Franciscan or 12 wearing yoga pants. Sure, she may be heading to a class at Body Temp or The Dailey Method or she could just be heading out to run a few errands. The trend these days of wearing yoga pants even when you're not practicing your Sun Salutations doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. So, read on for a guide to buying yoga pants in the Marina District.

Pant Styles

If you're buying yoga pants to actually, you know, practice yoga in them, your best bet is to choose pants with specific features that will be beneficial for you once you unroll your mat. Several yoga instructors listed what they look for in yoga pants, including fabric that wicks moisture, is durable and stretches. Other features to look for are: - material with either no cotton or low cotton to reduce that sweaty smell - smooth waistband for comfort - compression material to reduce muscle fatigue - gusseted crotch for the option of going without underwear

Best Store Options

Unfortunately, many of the best features of yoga pants don't come cheap. Invest in a pair of quality pants, though, and you'll be able to wear them often and for much longer than buying the cheapest pair you come across. In the Marina District, shop at one of the following stores for a variety of quality yoga pants at different price points. Lululemon Athletica Ask pretty much anyone what their favorite yoga pants are and chances are Lululemon's groove pant will be mentioned. You can buy this style and much more at the quaint blue store on Union Street. Fans of this store rave about the friendly staff and free hemming. Stock up on sports bras, shirts and more while here. GapBody A quality yoga pant at a lower price point is reason enough to stop by this shop on Chestnut Street. The fact that you can also score some comfy bras, tank tops and underwear is an added bonus. Choose one of the moisture-wicking styles, especially if you take any type of hot yoga class. Lucy Another "luxury" yoga pant manufacturer, Lucy on Union (across the street from Lululemon), hits it out of the park with several pant styles, particularly the Lotus Power Pant. This style will give you a longer leg line thanks to its straight and narrow cut. Plus, the elliptical waistband covers your backside while sitting low on your stomach. American Apparel Known for its bright colors and avant-garde styles, American Apparel on Union has two styles of yoga pants mixed in with its plethora of shirts, tank tops and other pants. Cotton is king here, so its best to reserve these pants for non-athletic endeavors. For the price you'll pay, however, you might find yourself switching out jeans for stretchy, comfy yoga pants. Photo 

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