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Risk engineering solutions are a combination of tools, services, and information designed to give your company everything it needs to succeed and reduce risks that can create significant financial losses.

The first step in implementing proper risk management solutions is identifying the risk your company faces on its projects. Four main types of risk need assessment and resolution to secure the future of your company's endeavors.

Types of Risk

We feel that there are four main types of risk to assess and address to provide the protection and tools you need to move forward with projects and protect your future company. Risk evaluation is necessary to prevent potential situations that can prove devastating. Identifying and understanding these four areas of risk allows you to plan that encompasses every business area from the office to the construction site. Risk management will address every potential loss and develop a method to contain risks without slowing progress and allowing for growth.

Strategic Risk

Our team of professionals identifies strategic risk to pinpoint areas with a likelihood of risk and losses. There can be strategic risks anywhere within a company, so it is necessary to have a team of professionals to evaluate and expose these potential threats. This service highlights the areas with uncertainties from both external and internal risks. Identifying these risks allows a strategy implementation that protects a company from unnecessary losses without this insight. Plans and company goals formulated to help achieve success without setbacks from this information.

For example, your company may face errors because of oversights within specific departments. Realizing the risk for this error and creating a viable plan to control the potential for loss from this error is identifying and enacting strategic risk solutions.

Hazard Risk

Loss because of accidents and unforeseen events constitutes hazard risks. Those risks are called pure risks in the industry. When evaluating hazard risk, you must address the need for insurance. The proper level of insurance will allow your company to incur some accidental loss without diminishing financial gain. Hazard risk may allow for mitigation, contractually transfers, insured, or assumed and absorbed by the company.

With insurance in place, in the event of a covered loss, the company would submit its claim and be reimbursed to cover the losses to help move forward with the project and cover the cost to fix problems resulting from the loss. Without the right insurance, some companies would not recover from a large financial loss because of an accident. For instance, if large crane malfunctions and create a situation where there is a loss of personal property or an injury, you want to have the insurance to cover the cost of damages and protect the company legally.

Operational Risk

When discussing operation risk, a keyword that comes into play is safety. Safety measures are a method of risk management used in daily procedures and activities on the job site. Many safety measures are both industry standard and company preference. Successful companies know education and implementation of safety practices are among the most important means of protecting against accidents and losses on the job.

There are constantly alternative methods to reduce operational risk and increase safety practices. Staying informed and keeping team members equipped to stay safe is one of the key elements in managing and reducing company risk. Without the proper safety guidelines in place, workers may put themselves and others in harm's way. This type of risk can also cause property loss that can affect the company's growth.

Financial Risk

Business loans potentially expose a company to financial risk because those business loans might allow funds to become tied up and even create a negative cash flow. Evaluating the risk associated with a business loan is a way to help prevent loss. There is also the risk of loss through business transaction and any area where there is capital flowing in and out of business can pose financial risk.

It is essential to identify where these risks can develop and plan to manage them effectively and reduce losses. One way to managed risk is by determining whether a business is mainly an asset-based business or focuses on a primarily cash-based system. By identifying how a business operates, we construct a system devised to protect the company and avoid pitfalls.

Avoid Losses and Identify Threats

Risk and the potential for losses can come from many angles and sectors of a business. It is imperative to combine risk assessment with practices that control the potential for threats and losses across all company departments. Complete risk management solutions will address these areas and help companies prevent unforeseen risks that pose a severe threat to the business's future.

It is essential to prepare for risk and implement risk management solutions that can control and contain the possibility of events that cause huge losses. Companies in the construction industry can't afford to operate without appropriate risk management solutions. For more information about how you can manage your risk effectively, contact us today. Our team of experts can begin helping you identify risks and offer a complete plan of action to educate and empower your company so you can achieve your goals without unnecessary setbacks. We have the insight and experience you need to help you address potential risks and manage them effectively.

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