Break Of Dawn

A Scripted Freelance Writer Writing Sample

As I laid asleep in my bed, Lost in my own land of dreams, Quiescent, undisturbed and unconscious , Like a log of wood floating on a brook. My reverie is agitated by tweets and chirps, The castles in the air now start crumbling down, In a spur of moment I'm back to my lowly lit room, Tuning in to the chorus of birds. I fiddle with the electric box; the eyes leisurely adapting to the light, In a slack manner I look at the time piece, It's a quarter to six; it's Time! I rise to witness the nature's marvel. Rubbing my eyes, putting flip-flops on I reach for the door which looks fuzzy, The secrecy of this event is not yet known to my neighbours, I now witness it unfold as usual; it's inimitable. The horizon now shows some unique behaviour, The dark blanket slowly begins to fade, A reddish appearance takes it's place, With the blue sky giving the scenery it's backbone. Trees and birds extol this magnificent moment, Trills of crickets complement the dawn chorus, Leaves and branches swing intertwined in the song, The sweet gales add to the purity of it. I feel replenished with thoughts and ideas, My body rejuvenates after perceiving this sight, It's soothing effect on my mind and soul- Is still beyond my speculation; an enigma.

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