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If you are a huge sports bar fan, you will probably enjoy this place more. I was caught off-guard that a "Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar" was really a spot for die-hard sports fans. A ticker tape-type machine hung along the top edge of the room like a frilly wall border and flat screens hung everywhere with some type of sport displayed ranging from college football to MMA. What stood out was that our seating was not a typical dinner or high-top table, but a black leather sofa with small accent pillows (perfect for placing at the base curve of your spine). The table was designed more like that of an oversized coffee table with a marble-like top. It was great for lounging and sipping Tequila cocktails, but a little difficult to comfortably eat.The service was quick, friendly and excellent. Cocktails were amazing. I would recommend a Tequila Sunrise--sweet, potent and cool, with a bite that is not overbearing. The food, however, was typical and unimpressive. While it struck me as big-box-type and over processed, it was edible and probably more designed to soak up excess booze than be impressive cuisine.


I want to make a confession–I am NOT a green thumb. Never have been. I cannot grow anything to save my life, try as I may. The unfortunate thing about this fact is that the home my husband and I bought several years ago has a lot of beautiful landscaping we struggle to maintain due to my unskilled gardening tactics and lack of know-how. It has certainly been a learning experience. The proverbial trial-by-fire. The type of maintenance our yard requires is a torturous endeavor, especially considering I don't find this sort of labor enjoyable–not in the least.

Anyway, a number of years ago, I noticed a bunch of weird looking plants had begun to appear in the strangest of places. They were low-lying to the ground at first but then began to take the shape of what I thought looked like a young tree–eventually sprouting little berries. Because we were still pretty new to the home then, and I naive in the ways of nature's plants, I wasn't sure if it was something the previous owners had planted and were supposed to be there or if it was a weed of some sort. I waited and watched, until one day I decided that I just didn't like them. They were kind of menacing and seemed to take over everything! I began to pull them, making sure to be very careful with those auspicious-looking berries.

After the hard-fought excavation, I had not seen the "tree plant" (as we called it then) for quite some time. A few years later it popped up again. I wondered if, perhaps, it was a type of plant that only grows every couple of years. And then, I opened our city's newsletter.

Apparently, our troublesome plant has a name and it's called Buckthorn. Okay, I'll wait until the laughter has subsided. Yes, I had been growing Buckthorn and never knew it. And now it seems to be everywhere! Sigh. It is a never-ending battle. According to the newsletter, the berries can essentially lay dormant, but remain viable, in the soil for approximately…can you guess? Six years!

I may have won the first battle, but the war is still not over.

Jan W
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Since 2004, Jan has written content in a variety of contexts, including web and social media content, blogs, reviews, and screenplays. Jan was the Editor for Citations, which is a monthly newsletter published electronically to a large audience of legal professionals. She has also edited website content for a law firm, a realtor, a local band, Werner Elements and InstaKyle, and created, enhanced and manipulated images for another attorney’s website and his choir-related newsletter. Additionally, she also wrote a persuasive essay on behalf of an attorney who nominated her for the Outstanding Paralegal of the Year Award, which she ultimately received in 2014. Jan holds an A.S. in paralegal studies, a B.A. in philosophy, and will complete an M.F.A. in creative writing in September 2016. She also won two scholarship awards for her essays ...
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