Best work from home webcams for under $100

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2020 saw a boom in video conferencing. A little over a year ago, most people had never heard of Zoom, now video conferencing an essential tool for many companies. Outside the corporate world, connecting to loved ones over video calls has been a solace for many in these difficult times.

Even as the world opens back up, video conferencing is still commonplace in most industries. Having a webcam is becoming essential for business meetings, job interviews, or even quality time with family.

Whether you're on a budget or have some room to splurge, these three webcams will ensure quality and ease in your next video call.

The Best Webcam Under $20

NZND 1080p HD Webcam – best value for your dollar!

This budget webcam boasts a sharp 1080p picture, a noise reducing mic, and set up easy enough for grandma to do. This webcam is great for connecting with family and friends long distance but is high enough quality to hop on a professional call if need be.

The Best Webcam Under $50

Logitech C270 HD 720p Webcam – business on a budget

Logitech is known for quality tech products for a wide range of uses. This 720p HD webcam sports a noise reducing mic, and auto light correction so you can look and sound your best on every call. If video calls are now part of your everyday workload, but still need to stick to a budget, you can't go wrong with a Logitech.

The Best Webcam Under $100

Razer Kiyo – the perfect upgrade

Coming in at just under $100 ($99.99) this powerful webcam has a built-in ring light and crisp 1080p quality. Ideal for someone who spends most of their workday using their webcam. Auto white balance, autofocus, and low light compensation streamlines your video call experience, allowing you to just focus on clients and co-workers. Great for daily webcam users looking to upgrade.

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