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In this digital age we live in, in order to rank high on search engines, it's crucial to have quality content. Of course there are many options available for hiring a writer, ranging from content mills such as fiverr and upwork to Scripted and ContentFly, which are more professionally geared platforms. The quality of work you receive from such services often vary greatly – sometimes you may get a lot of bang for your buck and at other times you experience great frustration and will relate firsthand to the old adage of "you get what you pay for."

Ultimately, there are multiple choices for hiring a content writer, but regardless of who you choose, there are a few details to consider. Following are the top reasons for hiring a writer that will be the best fit for the job.

Through the years, I have worked with numerous small business owners and for the most part these individuals are not only passionate about making their business a success, but in an effort to save money they oftentimes where multiple hats. However, undoubtedly if this sounds familiar, you've recognized that certain tasks are worth delegating to others. For example, website content, social media posts, search engine optimization, and keyword research requires as much as 20 hours a week, so hiring a writer to fulfill these tasks is a worthy investment. Still not convinced?

Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a writer:

1 Writing isn't easy – While most anyone can write, in order to turn leads into sales, rank on the first page of search engines and improve overall visibility online requires top quality content. In addition to attracting the reader, you want to keep their attention and entice them to revisit your website again and again.

2 Think of it as an investment – While business owners and managers often choose to follow through on various facets of their business, certain tasks are routinely outsourced from the very beginning. One example is accounting because staying abreast of tax laws and other rules and regulations is crucial. Likewise, when you need content that is well researched, easy to read, and also includes top performing keywords, SEO, and backlinks, the amount of money you pay a professional writer will be well worth the investment.

3 A professional writer is a great business partner – Most likely you've had a few great ideas for posts on your business website or blog, but found it difficult to properly convey those ideas into an awesome article or eBook. A talented writer will have a knack for seamlessly converting those concepts into an easy to read format in a tone that suits your current business' persona! Further, through working one on one with a freelance writer, a reliable business relationship will develop, making it easier to grow your business together.

All in all, a writer can be a valuable resource for your online business.

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