Audio Orb

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Imagine what it is like literally living inside your favorite music gigantic speakers? Well, Audio Orbs makes that possible. The one of a kind bubble is fitted with speakers, allowing you to immerse yourself in your favorite music playlist. The Audio orb bubble is made of Plexiglas, and has 18 internal speakers fitted at the base of the sphere. As the sound waves reverberate up the plastic sides of the orb, it creates a full audio spectrum enhancing your overall listening music experience. Great music is meant to be enjoyed in ultimate comfort. The engineers had this in mind, and integrated body forming Tempura pillows and sufficient space to optimize your comfort while in the orb. In fact, the Tempura pillows can be re-arranged to give you the most comfortable sitting position as you listen to music. The whole idea behind the unique design is to create an illusion that you are floating in a bubble of pure sound. The bubble gives you the privilege to personalise your live-in music with a simple plug and play. The gorgeous audio orb provides an audiophile-grade sound a feature every discerning music listener looks out for. A Scandinavian creative lab, Studio Total ,is the manufacturer of the audio orbs. They say these are the first speakers in the world that you can sit in and they are only two. This could be true considering unique creations like the audio orb don't come by very often, neither do they come in great numbers. The price of a single Audio orb goes for about $15,000. Although the Audio orb is pricey, at least no one expects anything less from such a contemporary product with the potential to transform the way the world listens to music. Studio Total creative lab is also known brilliance, and other unique concepts from them include the wall of sound and the wall of sound 2.0. The globe's biggest iphone speaker. The audio orb bubble offers convenience to the user, and it can be used in a room, outdoors, attached to the ceiling/tree using a net or even put in water. In cases where you want to enjoy your music outdoors, you don't have to worry running out of power. The bubble comes with a power pack with energy that can can last for up to 40 hours to keep you entertained non-stop. I don't think there is a better feeling in this world than enjoying great music in style and in a peaceful environment away from obstructions. The brilliant minds behind the Audio orb have opened a new chapter in the world of enhancing music through technology. The only way to appreciate such innovation is through embracing it, lest you will never appreciate technology which is part of today's dynamic world. In future, we obviously cannot expect less from Studio Total creative lab as they continue rewarding the world with high end tech devices. The creative idea behind the audio orb is a clear indication that, we live in a world of possibilities and truly technology will continue enhancing our lives in different aspects.

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