ATTN Travel Sites: This is How You Should Make Photo Slideshows

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Photography is incredibly important to the travel industry. Here's how to best to make use of photo slideshows for travel sites.

A compelling photo can tell a more emotional, human story than any single brief blog post. This is especially true among travel sights, where the intent is to put readers into gorgeous foreign scenery that they feel compelled to see for themselves. Here are six ways your travel site can use slideshows to increase sales and earn repeat visitors.

Help Readers Choose a Destination

People may know they want to go on a vacation, but that doesn't mean they know where they want to go. A slideshow that shows different locations can help people choose a destination. This slideshow of the world's most beautiful places on MSN Weather is a nice example of showcasing different locations.

Highlight Exciting Tourist Destinations

Deciding what to do while on vacation is as important as choosing which destination to visit. Travel sites can give viewers a visual slideshow that showcases popular sightseeing spots for a given location to help make vacation planning easier. Increase revenue by following the slideshow with an offer for a vacation package that includes hotels and tickets to events shown in the slideshow. See a sightseeing slideshow in action by looking at Jetsetter's Amazing South Africa.

Cater to Families

Planning a family vacation with little ones can be tricky. Not every destination is kid friendly or child-approved when it comes to entertainment. Help families plan the perfect vacation by creating a family destination slideshow like this one on the US News Travel website, which shows children-friendly destinations.

Hotel Close-Ups

Just as important as the destination is the accommodation. A vacation can quickly turn sour when the hotel is disappointing. A hotel slideshow like the one on ShermansTravel will give your readers a good visual reference so that they can pick a hotel that meets their stylistic tastes.

Teach Readers How to Act Like a Local

Different customs, different etiquette, different fashion — well, you get the point. Things are a lot different in some areas of the world. Friendly behaviors in one country may be viewed as rude in another and your readers may not be aware of these differences. Provide them with a cultural slideshows to help them avoid any faux pas during their vacation. Turn your travel site into a market leader by utilizing slideshows for visual and informative purposes. You can even think up new types of slideshows to keep your readers interested and informed. Culinary arts, common words in another language, souvenir ideas — there are tons of ways you can use gripping imagery to motivate your readers.

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