Andrea's Update

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Hi everyone! Andrea here. My foster mommy hasn't been feeling great, so took a break from the blog. Being the sweet girl that I am, I decided I will make an update for her.

The nice people at the rescue had my growth removed, and now you can really see just how pretty I am. It has shot my confidence through the roof, and my personality is really starting to shine. I will approach anyone for attention and if someone wants to hug on me, I will be glad to accept. I like any form of attention from petting to having my teeth brushed. How many dogs can say that?

Everyone has been getting me out and about to meet people. I've been to the dog park to make friends. I do well with small dogs. I've had a tv appearance too! So if you decide I'm the right dog for you, you will have a star on your hands. If you aren't sure if I'm right for you and would like to meet me, my foster family is getting me to events with the rescue. And Husky Haven of Florida will set up a meeting with me if you can't make it to an event. I love to go places. I ride very well in the car. And I love to investigate new surroundings and meet everyone when I am out. I am always on my best behavior when out in public too!

Since it has been awhile since anyone has read anything about me, I should tell you that I now get along with cats. I still get excited sometimes when they run and want to play with them, but if I am getting too rough and my foster family tells me to leave them alone, I do. They still have their own part of the house to where I can not get to, but we often lay in the same room together with no trouble at all.

Even though I am around 7, I keep up with my 2 year old foster brother just fine. In fact, some days, I wear him out. While I'm content just laying at your feet and being loved, I also have the energy to play and go for long walks.

As much as I love my foster family, I am really looking forward to finding my furever home. Don't let my laid back attitude fool you. I am full of love and energy and am just looking for a nice family to share it with.

My foster mom should be back shortly with another update on me. Until then, I am going to go lay at her feet and be a good girl. I don't believe in giving my humans too much trouble and I know that she is thankful for that.

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