Anderson Cooper's Sophisticated Design Style

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When Anderson Cooper isn't reading the headlines, he's making them. In 2010, Anderson purchased a century-old firehouse in Greenwich Village and completely renovated it into a nearly 9,000 square foot, 4-story home with the original spiral staircase and brass fire poles. The infamous home has been a headline grabber since the purchase and for good reason. Not only was the renovation an amazing success, but Anderson was sued by a designer who fell through the floor of the old firehouse during construction. And let's not forget the house is rumored to be haunted; it's even listed on a haunted homes tour guide by Ghosts of New York. Anderson Cooper And His Sense of Style Anderson Cooper is an American journalist and host of CNN'S Anderson Cooper 360. Anderson, the son of Gloria Vanderbilt and descendant of the Vanderbilt family, was born and raised in New York. Anderson's roots are rich with sophistication, creativity, and renowned style. I'm pleased to share that Anderson Cooper didn't fall far from the family tree. His sophistication, creativity, and style is clearly shown in his interior design style. Anderson's choice of color (or lack there of) may not be to everyone's liking. Anderson's affinity for white themed rooms is apparent. From his minimalist NYC penthouse, to the charming waterfront properties on the Hamptons, Anderson has found a way to make the white themed room work in every style of home. How do you make a white room feel warm? That's simple – introduce wood. Wood's natural warm tones offset the cool tone of white. Wood gives the room the balance it needs and halts the room from feeling cold and sterile. Anderson understands this concept and has applied it to his interiors. By choosing light and dark tones of wood for his minimalist penthouse, the look is modern; medium warm woods used in his Hamptons homes create a traditional style.

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