An Evening at Pirate Village in Punta Cana: Swashbuckling Fun for the Whole Family!

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The interactive Punta Cana Caribbean Pirates Village Tour is one of the most fun things to do with kids in the Dominican Republic. Grab your eye patch and peg leg and allot four hours in your itinerary to embark on a swashbuckling quest to become a pirate. You start the evening off by gathering in the pirate village to await your destiny. Captain Jack Black and his band of wandering thieves are looking for new recruits, and you and your family are first in line. You learn important skills from the captain himself, such as how to use a sword, how to deal with your fellow shipmates, and, most importantly, how to think quickly on your feet in difficult situations. While in training, you’re on guard the whole time—those pirates are a touchy bunch, and you never know when a fight will break out. After you and your family pass your initial training, it’s time to get your sea legs about you. You board the Hispañola, a replica 16th-century galleon, for some tasty morsels at the buffet and some pirate grog (alcoholic options for older pirates and a nonalcoholic version for the mini-pirates aboard). While you eat, your captain and the crew walk you and the other new recruits through what the pirates’ code really means. You eat heartily, since you’ll need your strength to face all the foes awaiting you in those deep, dark waters off the coast. As you sail the seas, you encounter sea creatures, avenging pirates, and treacherous sailing conditions. Don’t worry—Captain Jack Black has a long history of sailing these waters, so you can rely on his cunning expertise. By the time you return to the pirate village on the shore, you are completely initiated in the ways of pirates and understand why this tour consistently ranks among the top things to do with kids in Punta Cana. After the tour, the pirates pose for photos with your tiny buccaneers so you can prove to the landlubbers back home that you have learned the tricks of the pirate trade and enjoyed a delicious meal in a pirate village.

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Natalie V.

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