American Horror Story: Exploiting the Fear of Americans Everywhere

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During the past few years, one of the most popular shows on television has been American Horror Story, featured on FX. As an anthology, each season is a different tale and revolves around a separate time and place. Recently, some reviewers have commented on possible links between each season. Whether these similarities were intended or not, speculating about them is enough to boggle one's mind. Where certain big-name actors and entertainers come and go, there are a number of people that show up in every story. Some recurring actors have been Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Jaime Brewer, Denis O' Hare, and Sarah Paulson. Since 2011, the program has both captivated and haunted its viewers. American Horror Story is filled with plot twists and turns. Every time a character becomes appealing, they turn around and do something scathing. Characters originally portrayed as villains have qualities that redeem them. In order to get a complete grasp of each tale, a viewer must watch every second of every episode. Everything that is shown is there for a reason, and that's what makes the show so powerful. Is it bad that one could be happy to see the family reunited in the end, even if they are dead? The lesbian was able to get away from the serial killer. The surviving witches opened their doors to help others like them. The remaining freaks all married and began families. Perhaps American Horror Story is meant to frighten its audience but still give reassurance that everything will work out in the end. In this writer's opinion, there are a few things that took away from the most current season. One of those things was the number of historical inaccuracies. The tale was set in 1952, but many of the songs sung were from the decades that followed. Any time a viewer notices something like this, they are taken out of the story and could become uninterested. With that being said, the amount of thought that must go in to developing such an intricate show has got to be staggering. The first season took everyone by surprise because no one knew what to expect. Now that the expectations of the audience are there, it's a much harder task to keep everyone impressed. Even though the most recent season had its flaws, there is still hope that American Horror Story will come back stronger than ever. Will you tune in to watch American Horror Story: Hotel? It premiers in October on FX and will feature Lady Gaga.

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