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Are your last days as a single gal winding down? Then it's time to celebrate your life as a "Miss" pre-"Mrs," with a bachelorette party! But don't think you have to go all "Hangover" style and match the boys with a Las Vegas stripper-laden throwdown. Grab your gals and have fun your way with one of these fab alternative bachelorette party ideas.

1. Pole Dancing So there may not be any Channing Tatum-esque strippers at your bachelorette party, but that doesn't rule out pole dancing altogether. Hop on one of the biggie trends for ladies-only parties by taking a pole dancing class. OK – hear me out. Not only is pole dancing a great workout (perf for the pre-wedding slim down) but it's a fun and sexy party idea where you can let loose and have fun with your besties. Plus, you'll have yourself some impressive moves to show the hubby on your honeymoon.

2. Beach Weekend Need some serious R&R pre-wedding? With all the stress of planning and family members and everything else that goes into your day, you deserve a break, and the beach is the perf place to chill out. Take your best gals and bikinis and rent a house on a beach or stay at an all-inclusive resort where you don't have to worry about a single thing…except which cocktail you'll be sipping next. Plus, you get the added perk of working on your tan for your walk down the aisle.

3. Roadtrip If you're short on cash or have just a small, tightknit group of gals that you want to party with, hop into the car with the best gas mileage and hit the road for your bachelorette party weekend. You can stop and see all of the crazy sights along the way (World's Largest Peanut? OK!) and try all the local fare of small town America.

4. Camping Outdoorsy gals need not be bound by the walls of a fancy hotel for their bachelorette parties. Pack up your sleeping bag and tent and hit up local campgrounds or a National Park for some hiking, bonfires and sleeping under the stars. Not quite your style? Find a cabin and glamp it up with mason jars filled with apple martinis.

5. Winery If you fancy yourself a bit of a wino, then a winery is the perfect place to toast the end of your single gal-dom. You and the ladies can tour the vineyards, learn how to make wines and have a wine tasting (or two). And hey, you can even design your own personalized wine glasses to add some flair to the occasion.

Don't think that bachelorette parties are all about going to the club or having a "Magic Mike" style affair. It's all about celebrating your last single days with your best friends, so have yourself a party that fits your style.

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