Active Web Group Introduces Pay Per Ranking, an Advanced SEO Marketing Solution

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Pay-Per-Click advertising has been an online marketing mainstay for several years, but Pay-Per-Ranking has recently emerged as a worthy contender. Pay-Per-Ranking differs from traditional Pay-Per-Click advertising because it is not actually advertising at all; rather, it is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) method utilized to ensure that a website places highly in a search engine ranking. Both methods seek to attract visitors to your site by appearing to a target audience searching for relevant keywords. However, statistics show that users will more often than not click on the site that appears to rank highly due to organic search results – sites that appears to contain the most direct relevance to a keyword search. Pay-Per-Click should not be discredited; utilizing both Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Ranking will provide optimal exposure and an advantage over competitive sites. Integrating your website with advanced SEO will help a website achieve high search engine rankings and allows a small business to compete with major international corporations. Of course, simply employing someone well-versed in SEO to rewrite your website content will not have you seeing positive results overnight. In competitive markets, it may be weeks or even years before your search engine ranking rises to a visible level. This is because SEO is only one part of a Pay-Per-Ranking marketing campaign. Building microsites, creating backlinks, and focusing on the most relevant search keywords and keyphrases are all pertinent factors. This is especially true when attempting to compete in a popular niche dominated by larger corporations or businesses with several years more experience and a larger customer base. The SEO professionals at Active Web Group possess years of knowledge and expertise in advanced web marketing tools and methods, and can craft the content of your website to have you rank alongside or higher than the competition and level the playing field. Additionally, organic search rankings resulting from well-written SEO as part of a Pay-Per-Ranking service are often long lasting and serve to secure a strong web presence. Active Web Group’s Pay-Per-Ranking© service includes a complete consultation, and the SEO experts will work with you to properly assess your business priorities, compose a comprehensive list of targeted search terms, and utilize only proven, ethical SEO techniques to help you achieve the ranking you desire. Additionally, organic search rankings resulting from well-written SEO as part of a Pay-Per-Ranking service are often long-lasting and serve to secure a strong web presence. Utilizing SEO experts experienced in web marketing tools and methods can craft the content of your website to have you rank alongside or higher than the competition and level the playing field.

Scott K.

Scott K.

Cary, North Carolina, United States

I worked in a corporate office setting for about 12 years in marketing, advertising and graphic design, but writing has always been a true passion of mine. I have been writing stories since childhood, and as a contract content writer for the last 8 years, I have enjoyed writin...

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