Action Method: A New Technique for Project Management

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Today's marketplace is a fast-paced environment and without enough organization and an action method you may easily fall behind and not produce up to your potential. Most of us are full of ideas, goals and plans that we want to see become a reality but without proper project management these ambitions may go nowhere. The new and revolutionary technique for project management was developed after years of studying management practices and interviewing highly successful people from around the world. This action method style of management may be a new philosophy in the business field but after learning the basic concepts you will see how easy it is to divide your projects into an organized and manageable workload. Each project should be divided into action steps, or tasks, and each step must be assigned to a member of the team. It is also important that this team member not only be assigned the step by they must also accepts the responsibility its completion. It is important to consolidate and organize your information; this will both save you time and cause less anxiety. All of your communication sources for each project should be organized into one location; this includes shared files, any correspondence, feedback and decisions or solutions that were made in relationship to the project. Events, like meetings, milestones and deadlines that are involved in the process, need to also be merged into one location. With the action method all of your references including your notes, links or files, should be readily available to you at all times. The basic principle of the action method technique is to consolidate both your work and personal actions into one manageable location. Today's world seems to revolve around email and many times you are receiving or sending so many emails that it is hard to keep them all straight and to know the true status of your project at any given time. There are better systems for communication available allowing for a smooth working process. It is important to first cut down on the amount of information you are both sending and receiving. Usually, we find ourselves having too much information on the things we do not need to know and not enough information on the important matters. Most projects are completed as a team and not accomplished one hundred percent by one person, so your whole team does not need to know every detail of each step. When using this action method, you and your team need to modify their way of thinking and get the right information to the right person, no more and no less. As your project management system provides better functionality, the more you will be willing to work with it and stay with it. The basic concept of the action method is to identify what you need to do to complete your project and get it done. Accomplishing this in the most organized system will make each action seem less overwhelming and will increase productivity.

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