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Globally Connected - Community Empowered - Technology Enabled

Connecting Indonesian SMEs to the Global Stage

Create Impact

All around the globe, businesses have had to adapt to the digital age. We have created the strategic roadmap to drive the nation forward into Industry 4.0 - an era of ubiquitous connectivity of people, businesses, and the global market.

Your business can play a vital role in getting Indonesia ready for the future.

Increase Productivity

In today's competitive economic climate, increasing productivity and efficiency are now more important than ever for businesses. By outsourcing and adapting digital solutions, you can save time and money.

Access a Wider Market

As we continue to adapt to a more digital world, creating connections is vital. We make it easy to connect, grow, and reach your next market - so you can share your gems with the world.

Your business can be an important part of facilitating the growth of the digital economy.

Elevate Your Business

It is a time of technological innovations. Don't let your business fall behind. Our services are designed to help your business implement innovative applications and strategies that improve operations and accelerate your transition into the digital marketplace.

Take advantage of this moment of opportunity and get access to the market, tech, and financial solutions best suited to your company.

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Sustainable and Responsible Economic Inclusion for Everyone

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Access Digital Frontier is an Indonesian company based in Jakarta. Since our beginnings, we've been working to make Indonesia future-ready.

How do we get there?

With enabled and connected communities, innovative startups and industries, and an empowered workforce.

We are the only player in the market that empowers local SMEs, enabling them to grow into international players using our customizable digital platforms and our networks in the field.

We help your business climb to new heights not only through our empowerment programs but also various digital platforms to suit your business needs:

  • money@ccess - our financial services and payment services platform
  • - our sales distribution B2B2C platform.
  • Indonesia@ccess – our one-stop digital platform that offers information on Indonesia

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Vision :

We believe in the transformation of the Indonesian SME sector into a digitally driven society by providing global connections.


Our mission is to create a global impact by empowering SMEs with online and mobile technologies that improve their businesses, communities, and standards of operation.


We are a young team with strong values. Our growth mindset, a strong commitment to our community, and our solution-oriented approach bring the change we would like to see.

Teamwork : We work together, across borders, to meet our customer's needs and help them win. We believe that our passion and teamwork can put Indonesian SMEs on the world map.

Continuous Learning : We are lifelong learners. We never stop learning and striving to discover new things. We explore every opportunity available to better ourselves.

Commitment to Customers : Our customer is our number one priority. We develop balanced and mutually beneficial relationships to create harmony in the lives of our customers.

** Better Delivery**** : **We approach every job with high enthusiasm and provide quality work for all stakeholders.

Integrity : We work on a zero fraud system. We take great measures to ensure everything we do for you is safe and free of carelessness or human error.


Reza Valdo - Founder PT Access Digital Frontier

Reza is an award-winning entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of developing and growing startups in the outsourcing and offshoring industries, helping them grow their businesses from local to global. Combining his deep industry expertise with his extensive network of relationships, he brings best-in-class digital solutions to companies.

In 2002, Reza founded Valdo Investment Group of Companies, a value investment company that builds unique and profitable customer-centric organizations.

In 2016, Reza founded PT Access Digital Frontier, a Valdo Subsidiary digital startup company, to empower local communities and economies by giving them access to digital skills and technology. [a6] [a7]

Recognized for his accomplishments at the SME One Asia Awards in 2013 and the Indonesia Business Award in 2016, he continues to serve the national market with global expansion.

Reza holds a Bachelor's degree in Focused Economics from Trisakti University, and a Master of Arts degree from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

His previous experience includes working in the insurance, banking, and financial services industries with companies such as Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, GE Capital, and Allianz Insurance.

From various functional roles to leadership roles, Reza is skilled in business planning, strategic management, networking, negotiation, marketing, and financial management.

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Your Bridge to the Digital Future

Discover our diversified portfolio of community-based platforms that will deliver innovative digital transformations to your business.

  1. money@ccess – Our financial services and payment services platform.
  2. - Our sales distribution B2B2C platform. In today's digital economy, this platform empowers local businesses, local communities, and citizens and enables you to have the best digital experience. It also offers community empowerment through collaboration, bringing in innovative solutions for the wellbeing of the community. Our Smart city and smart village applications offer digital capabilities & transformations for local government services.
  3. Indonesia@ccess – Our one-stop digital platform that offers information on Indonesia regarding:
  • Trade opportunities
  • Tourism site and packages for clients to design their own itinerary.
  • Investment opportunities that the country is offering to foreign investors.
  • B2B Business Matching
  • Digital Licensing process and company set-up.
  • Corporate Services
  • Human Resource Services (Recruitment, Contract Management, Payroll Administration, Onsite Training, and E-Learning).
  • Accounting & Tax Services
  • Operation/Business Process Management Services
  • Contact Center
  • Telemarketing
  • Document Processing
  • Tele collection/Invoice/Accounts Receivable Management
  • Technology "Cloud Computing" Provider
  • Infrastructure as a solution
  • Software as a solution
  • Payment solutions
  • Mobility solution support

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Together We Can Make History

Join our dynamic team

We aim to be the platform of choice in empowering communities, people, and businesses.

To achieve our vision and mission, we need many exceptional talents like you - those who want to innovate, lead, and win with us.

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We're ready to guide you into the future.

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