A reader's tips on what to do in New Orleans

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New Orleans’ rich history and culture within a culture give you the feeling of traveling to another country when you’re actually a short flight or drive away, making it easy and convenient to get a taste of New Orleans’s mysterious charm at any time. New Orleans’ residents maintain a vibrant community that has kept its traditions deriving from the time it was a French colony, practicing the Voodoo religion to this day. A walk through the scenic French quarter will make that quickly evident, as there are shops littered throughout advertising their unique merchandise. If that isn’t your idea of fun, perhaps a trip to the city’s famous Bourbon Street will do the trick. Nearly every day and night you will find festivities celebrating the “joie de vivre” and representing the Mardi Gras spirit. During your stay you’re bound to get a little hungry, but fortunately for you their cuisine is out of this world! You ought to try famous dishes like the Jambalaya or the Po’Boy sandwiches. For something sweet and classic, a trip to Café du Monde is a must; their beignets (small, doughy pastries) are magnificent, especially with some hot chocolate. A trip to this historic city will take you back in time and leave you breathless.

Daniel B.

Daniel B.

Orlando, Florida, United States

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