A Magic Day

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It was a beautiful afternoon, since the morning I had gotten up euphoric from my bed, giving a somersault, I was only 7 years old and it would be the first time I would go to the cinema in the history of my life. A Disney premiere, my brothers and my cousins ​​together, we arrived from the beach the day before and they were about to open the cinema in my city ... 32 years ago since that day, but I remember it as if it had been yesterday and they return all those emotions to my mind, with colorful memories, and I feel like a girl again !!! Do you remember all that energy as a child? It was unstoppable! When my mother tells her perspective, she remembers the fatigue of having queued to buy tickets to the cinema, 3 hours of waiting ... I don't remember anything about that! Just the excitement, the large banners announcing the premiere, the beautiful colors of each advertising design, the smell of freshly made popcorn, the red carpet at the entrance, and of course, the comfort of the environment, what a fluffy armchair! Look at this big screen! **Everything was magical !!!** And when the show started ... I was hypnotized, a smile that did not fade from my face during the two hours of film, and today, remembering, I still feel that feeling of happiness ... that day I remember and treasure in my heart!

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Rossana Gonzalez
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Hello, my name is Rossana, and enjoy my time writing about many topics as economy, actual news, sports, family an education, traveling, special now at this time what we are spending more time at home with our families. I love to investigate about culture with local food worldwide, wich is the best way to know a new country and their pleople native culture, inclugding lenguage, humor, habits and what is giving them hapiness and healt on their lifestyle. I can receive and develop work in a very short time, also speak and write in spanish as well.
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