8 Salesforce Reports Even Commission-Obsessed Sales Reps Love

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** It may be hard to get sales reps to delve into Salesforce reports, but these eight are so essential they're bound to change that attitude.** Sales software provider Repivity said it best: "Managers like reports; sales reps like commission checks." However, sales reps can learn to love Salesforce when they understand how much the platform, in addition to its reporting functions, can help them beef up their bank accounts. Luckily, each user's Salesforce dashboard can be customized for different goals. Here are a few reports that will help reps analyze their practices for future success:

1. Top Accounts : Delicious Customer Data

This gives reps a quick, dynamic look at their customer base, along with key data. This includes revenue, how many contacts the rep — or other sales team members — have made, location and other contact information. This in-depth CRM information helps reps to plan and strategize future appointments with the best results.nytim

2. Last Contact Date: Keep Your Accounts Up-to-Date

This report gives reps an instant look at which of their accounts is due, or overdue, for a call or visit, enabling them to build the best possible relationships with their clients. It's a great relationship-building tool.

3. Completed Activities and Tasks : Stay Organized

Even the most organized salesperson needs a way to keep track of what tasks and activities have been done and what left on a daily or weekly basis. This activity tracker helps reps take care of responsibilities in a timely manner without letting anything fall through the cracks.

4. Top Accounts Linked to Sales Process: Keep Track of Best Practices

This report links accounts with the process used to make the sale, helping target where and when to upgrade the account as well as giving insight into similar clients. It shows reps what has been successful in the past while helping them plan for future sales.

5. Opportunities: Deals Left to Close

This report has many different names. Regardless, it is a report of current deals you're working to close. You can organize this report by age, status or estimated close date. You can also mark them according to lead source.

6. Trending: Find What's Working

Display trends at a glance. Reps can utilize this data to tweak their practices and generate additional sales. Using trending analysis also enables the calculation of win/loss ration on a rep's leads, points out what activities someone engages in most often and compares closed deals to monthly quotas.

7. Lead Forecasts : Project Sales Data

The forecasting tools in Salesforce make it simple for reps to forward their monthly sales forecasts. Because all leads and opportunities are continually updated in the Salesforce CRM, it's as easy as clicking a few buttons. This system is much less time-consuming and tedious than collecting data in a single spreadsheet and emailing it to sales managers.

8. Feedback : See Customer Comments in One Place

Using Salesforce to collect feedback from customers allows reps to view all of the comments and responses they've received from clients, making it easier to build vital connections. Today's business environment is competitive. It's often the personal touch which results in a sale. For that reason, it is crucial that sales reps have the best resources available to them. Keep your salespeople well-aligned with your marketing team and well-versed in how to get the most out of the Salesforce system.

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