7 Tips to Give Excellent Customer Service 100% of the Time

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7 Tips to Give Excellent Customer Service 100% of the Time

Customer service can make or break a business. As someone who has been on all sides of the equation as an employee, a customer, and now a business owner, I've seen it all.

Many people find it intimidating – impossible, challenging, and awful – and it can be challenging when you get a person that is impossible to please or out for a fight; but I've found that most of the time I leave customer interactions with both of us happy. That's the way it should be. It's an exchange of positive energy.

Here are eight everyday customer service tips to deal with customers at their best and worst.

7 Tips to Give Excellent Customer Service 100% of the Time

Tip #1: Listen and Personalize the Experience

Show customers that you care about them and their problems. They shouldn't have to keep repeating what they want or be given something they didn't ask for. Listening goes a long way in building your brand because it shows customers/clients that they can trust you and that you care.

When you can, use their name (as long as it's natural) to show that they're not just another faceless dollar and show them that you're paying attention by doing little things to reiterate that you understand their needs.

Extra Credit: Repeat their name and request as naturally as possible in conversation.

Tip #2: Show that You Value Their Time

We live in a fast-paced world where people are busy all the time. One of the best ways to win customers/clients over is to show that you value their time. Short wait times for a reply email, a phone call, a service, or an appointment is a winning strategy.

If their request takes longer than expected, tell them you haven't forgotten about them and are still working on it. A little update – and courtesy – goes a long way.

Extra credit: Give them a timeframe in which you expect to finish.

Tip #3: Show that You Appreciate Their Business

This goes without saying, but it often gets overlooked. A business doesn't exist without clients/customers. If they don't feel valued, they don't pay you and you live in a tent.

Say "thank you." Your interactions and transactions should be as seamless as possible. If they offer you a suggestion for improvement, consider it. Put yourself in their shoes to evaluate your website, product or service, and employees. Offer periodic specials.

It's a nice way to say thank you to your client/customer base and they will remain loyal to you.

Extra Credit: Test your website to see how well it speaks to your target audience.

While all of that works great for happy customers/clients, dealing with a difficult one is a completely different experience.

Tip #4: Communicate Like a Professional

Communication is the #1 element in all relationships. It's what keeps your life from becoming a Three's Company episode or a Shakespearean tragedy. An evergreen best practice is to put your deliverables in writing down to the smallest details, get a written agreement, and work out anything else before you get started.

Communication should always be crystal clear and your top priority to avoid needless misunderstandings.

Extra Credit: Create a best practices document.

What to Do When They're Angry:

Tip #5: Allow Them to Vent

I've been on both sides of the angry customer interaction countless times, so I know how well this tip works. When you're dealing with an angry person, they don't want you fired or your company to fail. Most of the time. They usually just want someone to listen to their problem and fix it.

Tip #6: Remain Calm

The natural reaction to someone screaming at you for no reason is to get defensive. Don't. Remember that it's not a personal attack on you. The person on the other line, in your face, or on your computer screen is frustrated and wants help. When you're calm, they calm down, too.

Tip #7: Talk Them Down

Before you do anything else, apologize – even if it's not your fault. This is not an admission of guilt, but sincere regret for a frustrating experience, lost time, and unneeded stress. It's also a sign of good faith and great customer service.

Apologize. Tell them that you understand their frustration and that you will do whatever you can to help them. Think about if they have a need that you can meet while you're looking into their problem. If applicable, offer them a little something extra – a discount or a free item – if you think it's warranted.

Do What You Can

You're not going to please everyone every time. There are times where you're going to get someone that's impossible to please and that's okay. Do what you can – without compromising your business or integrity – and you'll know when you've done enough. Then decide if it's a relationship worth keeping.

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