7 Closet Organization Tips To Up Your Style Game This Summer (Plus Product Recommendations)

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Did you know that organizing your closet an ESSENTIAL step for upping your style game? We know, it is very counter-intuitive but also very true. Your 'good' pieces can very easily get lost in a cluttered closet and you might wake up every day feeling like you have nothing to wear (side note: have you ever worn black-on-black 7 days a week because there was nothing to wear in your closet because same!) These 7 closet organization tips will leave your closet well curated and organized and will allow you to be your best stylish self all summer long!

1. Put Your Fall/Winter Clothes Away: This is the easiest and, by far, the most effective step to take to declutter this summer. By keeping only your summer clothing in your closet, you have easier access to fewer, season-appropriate items and it is way easier to put more stylish outfits together. We recommend this great under-the-bed storage cube or this cute storage ottoman that doubles as extra seating to store coats, scarves and wooly socks until you need them next fall.

2. Compartmentalize Your Closet: Have you ever woken up 30 minutes before work or class, searched frantically for clothes in your messy closet and ended up wearing a sweater when its 100 degrees outside because you could not find any tees? That's why this step is super important! Compartmentalization is a simple and cheap way to organize your closet and make it feel bigger without changing its actual layout. Try these overhead organizer trays with hanger hooks or this 4 section hanging shelving unit to keep your different clothes separated and in plain sight!

3. Color Coordination is KEY: Our eyes are naturally drawn to symmetry and clean lines. This is why color coordination can be a great tool for you this summer. Hanging your clothes starting from the lightest shade to the darkest shades is an easy way to take inventory of your clothing and can encourage you to put together more harmonious outfits this summer. You can also use these colored rack markers to separate colors in your closet.

4. Pre-Plan Some Outfits: If time is usually an issue for you, a great way to spend less time picking an outfit but still look incredibly stylish is by preplanning! You can pick out a week's worth of planned outfits and hang them at the front of the rack as quick options for when you're in a time crunch. Make sure that you replace any item you remove from the preplanned section so that it actually helps you save time when it comes down to it! Grab a multi-layering hanger to keep your preplanned outfit together for your convenience!

5. Keep Your Jewelry Where You Can See: The easiest way to make an outfit truly stylish is by accessorizing! If you're like us, you spend loads of money on jewelry only to not find any of it when you need to spruce up an outfit. A simple organization tip is to display your jewelry on a pretty tray (Try this two-tier option or this stylish geometric tray). It can serve as an interesting but functional style detail in your closet or bedroom. You can also hang up jewelry in your closet in a clear compartment hanger to make them accessible all the time.

6. Display your bags – so you don't forget about them: How easy is it to forget that you have that cute crossbody that would have looked so cute with yesterday's outfit? Displaying your bags greatly reduces your chances of forgetting about them and will inevitably make you look more stylish because you won't have to use the same generic black tote with all your outfits this summer. Use these hanging purse rack to display your bags neatly and conveniently! Avoid keeping smaller bags in bigger ones because it is easier to forgot they're there!

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7. See Your Shoes More Clearly: By now you should have noticed a pattern in all our tips. The top reason people do not dress more stylishly is because they cannot find their stylish clothes! Displaying them in plain sight can help your creative juices going and will inevitably help you look more stylish in the summer. This also applies to shoes. Are your shoes all crammed in cardboard boxes under your bed? You need to change this habit! Use clear shoe boxes to keep your shoes neatly in your closet and to also easily see them and wear them and look more stylish!

Becoming a Style Girl is easy peasy lemon squeezy! Just follow the simple steps above to create a closet that helps you look more stylish on a daily basis!

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