6 Ways to Bring Personality into Your Home Décor

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6 Ways to Bring Personality into Your Home Décor

Your home could look more classy, extravagant, and welcoming. But, the décor doesn’t have a personal touch. This alone can make you struggle to fit into your personal space. How about you twist a few aspects of your home and make the décor fit your personality? 

Your home should speak your language, feel inviting, and create an environment that lifts your spirits enough to make you want to come back daily. A good choice of décor in your home can make you feel safe, happy, calm, and protected every day. Here are a few ways to help you make a statement with your home’s décor and create your safe haven.

1. Pick the Right Furniture

The furniture in your home may be fancy and luxurious. But, it’s not easy to feel the impact if it doesn’t match your style, color, and texture. Pick comfortable and practical furniture while also considering how much it conforms to your needs, color, and image preferences.

While shopping for the best couches, go for popping colors if bright shades are your thing. You may also want to add colorful throw pillows to spice up the whole experience.

2. Play Around With Colors

You don’t have to endure dull colors if you enjoy bright shades. You can also opt for an excellent mix if that pleases your vision.

Whatever your choice of colors, the options are endless. Always stick to the 60-30-10 rule during home decoration to get this right. In this case, 60% of the color dominating your home should be the one you love the most. Your secondary shade should take up 30%, while the 10% goes to accent colors. 

You can spice up and add some personality to your rooms by giving more focus to the 10% while making the 90% a primary color (white, grey, beige, etc.). For instance, a bright yellow chair in your living room or some bold throw pillows on the sofa are an excellent way to create pop. But, limit how much you use colors on current trends, as they typically go out of fashion soon.

3. Get the Lighting Fixtures That Speak Your Inner Sparkle

Are you into subtle colors, glittering lights, clean lines, or funky shapes? Incorporate your style into your home’s lighting and let the sparkle flow. 

The type of light you choose for your home impacts almost everything in the home, starting from how your walls and floors appear, the mood of your guests, and the interior feel of your house. Thus, go for options that speak your desires and glitter but still feel comfortable and welcoming. Some options to consider include:

  • Colorful lampshades

  • Industrial floor lamps 

  • Multi-tiered lights

  • Overhead lamps

  • Paper shades

Lighting also allows you to create a focal point in your home. For instance, you can use directional lights to make the favorite features of your room more visible.

4. Make a Perfect Art Gallery at Home

Arts carry a lot of beautiful memories and physical appeal. Thus, it offers an excellent way to personalize your home’s décor. You may want to change one of your walls into a perfect art gallery.

Art may be expensive, depending on where you source your pieces. For instance, you can find a bargain by purchasing at peddler’s malls, directly from artists, or antique stores. Also, you can opt for beautiful rugs or family photographs. The deal is to get something that fills the void in your heart.

5. Touch Up and Improve Your Home’s Exteriors and Interiors

Ensure that every feature in your home’s interior and exterior space works for you. For instance, you may want to decorate your bedroom with a design that works best for you and creates your desired relaxing mood. 

Also, think of making the outdoor space more beautiful and useful. You may want to build a fire pit for summer BBQs. Also, you may want to try out gardening and enjoy the health benefits of organic foods.

6. Don’t Compromise Your Comfort

While it’s essential to get the best out of your home’s décor, have your comfort in mind. Do everything in moderation. The furniture, for instance, might look classy and create a personalized feel. But, will you be comfortable living in a house that looks like a furniture showroom or store?

As a result, ensure a balance between your stylishness and comfort. Go for colors that delight you, but don’t overdo them. Same to light fixtures and everything.

Liven up Your Space

Your living space should feel safe and comfortable. But, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve the aesthetic features you desire. The secret is in the fine details. Look at your lighting fixtures, check around your house, and improve each room. As long as it charms you, it’s the best way to go.

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