6 Reasons Why You Need to Hire an Interior Designer for Your Project

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You've seen an amazing living room design, that you must have, on Pinterest. However, you're debating on doing it yourself, hiring a handy-person, or just getting an interior designer. If you're on the fence about an interior designer, let me explain the six reasons you need to hire one. Interior Decorator versus an Interior Designer First, let's distinguish the ever interchangeable terms – Interior Decorator and Interior Designer. These two professionals have many similarities, including education, but are not one in the same. An interior decorator deals with most home decor arrangements, such as paint colors, wallpaper schemes, and furniture arrangement. They can quickly come in and change up a room, by spicing up your current space. An interior designer, on the other hand, helps with the creative design and implementation of your room, or your entire home. They work from start to finish, on your floor plans, and include the last decorative finishes. Your entire room's functionality can change, using an interior designer. 1. You're Going to Save Money and Time One of the prime reasons to hire an interior designer, is to open up the savings opportunities. They save you money and time. Although you're spending money, initially, the professional interior designer is there, to prevent you from making costly mistakes. They do all the work in finding you the best products, materials, and contractors. They work within your budget and time frame. 2. Because a Designing Budget isn't the Same as Your Household Budget Speaking of budget, you may think you have it all under control, but it's not as easy, constructing a designing budget, as it is with your household budget. It may not be necessary to spend so much on one piece of furniture, but totally necessary to do so for another piece, due to the value you'll get out of it, in the long run. Your interior designer will help you with budgeting and planning. 3. Because Coordination is a Beast On Its Own Sometimes it's hard enough to coordinate with your babysitter, let alone between various architects and contractors. An interior designer is there to handle it all, and ensure your project is done accurately and professionally. 4. There is No Time to Do Thorough Research Putting your project together, properly, requires a lot of research. However, when dealing with kids, work, and other social responsibilities, it's often hard to do. You need to find, and talk to, multiple vendors and then review and follow up on their work. You need to look at designs, variations of products, and so much more. There simply isn't enough time to do all the research necessary. However, an interior designer, more than likely, has all the research done for you. Just give them an idea of what you are looking for. 5. You Want Friends and Family to Say "Wow" Not "Ohh." If you want your friends and family to come over and say "Wow, what a great job" as opposed to "Ohh, it looks nice," just get the interior designer! They know exactly how to make your room pop! 6. Because Pinterest Just Makes it Look Easy Finally, you want to hire an interior designer for your project, because some projects are just not DIY ready. Some of the projects you see on Pinterest, look so easy to do. However, in reality, the majority of them are professional jobs.

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