5 Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Know About Content Marketing

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If you're a real estate agent, chances are you dislike dealing with the drudgery of penning marketing content for your newsletter or web portfolio. After all, you're likely to be more skilled at finding the perfect home for a house hunter than content creation. Here are five tips to help you do both, cheaply and efficiently.

1. Turn to Twitter

Twitter is the quickest way to get out news about open houses, new listings, and recent sales -- especially to your hip, younger clients. With just 140 characters, you can quickly alert them when their dream home comes on the market. But don't limit yourself to that. Direct your audience to neighborhood news, school information, or interesting housing articles, whether on your own website or on another site. Stay engaging and current, and you can develop a sizable following.

2. Use Contests to Generate Buzz

Rev up your marketing efforts for as little as $100 by holding a sweepstakes or contest. Write a press release about the contest, then send it to your local paper and wait for the entries to come in. Not only will you get the names of some potential clients, you might just get a sale or two. Make sure you check your state's regulations for running a sweepstakes or contest to make sure you do it legally.

3. Create Media About Your Neighborhoods

Many local radio and cable TV stations are always looking for new and different broadcasts to air. Often, all it takes is great a pitch to win a Sunday morning spot on your local cable or radio channel. Or you can create your own podcast and add it to your website. The best part: you can do it for free.

4. Develop a Catchy Slogan

Setting the right tone is important in developing a slogan. Once you come up with one, make sure to test it on family and friends first. You may have to tweak your chosen slogan several times, but it will be worth it in the end.

5. Hire a Professional

If you're really not up to the task of writing your own newsletter or online content, hire a professional writer who can get it done quickly and correctly. Pros can charge anywhere from $25/hour on up, but if you contract a few hours of work at $100 or $200, for example, you will find it to be well worth the investment. Add these easy steps to your marketing strategy and you can measure your success in sales. To Read More Real Estate Tips See Below:Real Estate Community Guide: DesotoContent Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

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