5-Minute Tricks to Attract Wildlife to Your Yard

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There is an infinite number of ways we can attract wildlife to our yards. Many require purchasing feeders, houses or special food. But there are also ways you can attract birds, rabbits, and frogs without even having to leave your driveway.

Spread Peanut Butter on a Tree

Many birds such as woodpeckers and nuthatches love peanut butter. For this trick, you don't need any specialized feeder or fancy food. Just choose a tree viewable from the house, and spread some peanut butter on the trunk. Put it as high as you can reach, and be sure to press it into the crevices of the bark. Depending on where you live, you should have beautiful birds within 48 hours.

Set Out a Broken Clay Pot

Most nature lovers have a few broken clay pot pieces laying around in our basements or garages. Find a piece that still has some good curvature to it and lay it down in a shady spot. If you want, you can set a shallow dish of water next to the opening. This makes an excellent habitat for frogs.

Skewer an Orange on a Tree Branch

Have an extra orange in the fruit basket? Just cut it in half, poke a hole through the middle and skewer it onto a high outer branch of a nearby tree. Orioles are nectar feeders and are attracted to the color orange. They are beautiful birds and a lot of fun to watch.

Sometimes attracting wildlife to your yard is as easy as setting out a piece of fruit. Orioles are attracted to oranges. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons (John Kees)

Pile up Branches and Limbs

Fallen tree branches and limbs make excellent shelters for rabbits and other small mammals. Just pile them up in a haphazard fashion, leaving pockets of empty space here and there. Don't worry about making an entrance – they'll find a way in. If you want, you can put vegetable scraps inside … rabbits love cucumber peelings and broccoli trimmings.

Set Out a Pie Tin of Water

You'd be surprised how many birds you can attract to your yard simply by adding a water source. But you don't have to buy an expensive birdbath or fountain. Just fill an old pie tin or other shallow vessel with water and set it outside on a flat, sturdy surface.

Put Out a Handful of Soaked Raisins

Offering soaked raisins is a great way to attract fruit-eating birds to your yard. Just sprinkle a couple dozen onto a deck railing or utility box. If you're lucky, you'll soon have some bluebirds or cedar waxwings frequenting your yard.

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