5 Healthier Snacks for Busy Days

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May is a busy, busy month! With graduation season and Memorial Day weekend, you might find yourself out and about quite frequently this month. Remember to eat healthy with these five grab-and-go snacks for those busy days and long weekends. 1. Almonds and String Cheese Almonds are the perfect on-the-go snack. Keep a plastic baggie or small container in your purse for those times you need a little crunch and a lot of protein. Stick to a portion of about 12 almonds to stay on track. On the road? You can find string cheese at most gas stations, meaning you don't need to splurge on salty chips. This savory snack usually has around 75 calories and will nourish you with calcium and protein. 2. Savory Wrap Let's say you have an early lunch meeting and you're not going to be home for dinner until late. You'll need a more substantial snack like a whole wheat wrap to hold you over. Take a small whole wheat tortilla, spread with hummus and top with a slice of deli turkey or sliced bell peppers. Roll it up and eat it while rushing between work, carpool and your workout. 3. Dessert Bars Let's face it, you need a treat every once in a while. That's where the Curves Chocolate Almond Allure & Chocolate Coconut Escape Dessert Bars come in. Satisfy your sweet tooth without an ounce of guilt! They are loaded with the protein you need and the delicious taste you crave — and each bar is only 100 calories. Ask your Curves Coach for details. 4. Greek Yogurt Skip the sugary pre-sweetened options and choose a small portion of plain Greek yogurt. Add in your own strawberries and peanut butter to amp up the flavor without the extra sugar. Greek yogurt will absolutely keep you satisfied with its high amount of protein. Eat this after a workout (and don't forget to drink your water)! 5. Apples and Almond Butter This crisp fruit is great for busy gals – you can grab it and eat it with one hand. It's ideal for days where your fiber intake isn't looking stellar. Keep a few pre-washed apples in the car or your purse to share with your kids in-between school and activities. Keep individual packets of almond butter in your purse to add for extra protein. Hectic days don't have to derail your healthy eating goals. The key is to plan ahead and stash these quick snacks in your purse or lunch tote so you're always prepared when hunger strikes.

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