4 Steps to Building a Strategic Wardrobe

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When it comes to buying clothes, most people simply select items they like and purchase them. But how many times do you buy an item without thinking of how to style it or where you would wear it? Without a little bit of planning and foresight, you'll find yourself purchasing items that end up in the back of your closet collecting dust after only a handful of wears. Avoid the waste and hassle of an over-stuffed closet; with these easy steps you can economize your wardrobe so that it's versatile and organized while still giving you the variety you need. 1. Assess your needs: Do you spend most of your day in an office, or a more casual environment? How you spend your time will determine what you need in a wardrobe, so your first step should be taking inventory of what you have and how well it fulfills your clothing needs. This is crucial in helping you figure out if there are items that you need in order to add to your closet's versatility. 2. Downsize: Remember that button-down you bought and only wore once? Toss it. If a garment hasn't been worn in a year or longer, chances are you're not going to wear it again. The best thing you could do would be to sell or donate these articles to keep them from cluttering up your closet and getting in the way of the things you actually do wear. 3. Buy "anchor" items: Every closet should have a few "anchor" items around which to build the rest of the wardrobe: think a few pairs of pants, a couple skirts, a blazer, a nice dress, etc. These pieces should be versatile enough to wear in a variety of situations and seasons. These will be your mainstays throughout the year, and you can mix and match tops, sweaters, shoes, and other accessories around these items. Remember that when you're purchasing a mainstay article, you may want to splurge a little bit to be sure that you're getting a high quality item that will last and hold up well under frequent use. 4. Pick out complimenting "rotating" pieces: Once you've got your mainstays, the next step is picking out some articles that will match the anchor items. These will generally be tops, sweaters, and shoes. If your anchors are generally neutral shades, then you should feel free to play around with color and patterns to bring some diversity and fun to your wardrobe. If you're struggling to decide whether to buy an item or not, think back to what you have at home already and try to think of 3 different ways you can wear it. This is a good test of the piece's versatility and will help ensure that you have plenty to pair with it. With these tips, you can easily streamline your wardrobe so that it is maximally efficient, yet still as diverse and flexible as your lifestyle. By eliminating the headache of an overwhelmed closet you'll simplify your life so you can spend more time on the things that matter most to you.

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