3 Ways to Pick a Wedding Show

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A wedding show is where various vendors gather to show off their talents and services. Its purpose is to allow the bride a fun, easy way to familiarize herself with the options available to her. Attending one is the fastest way to update yourself with the latest and greatest in the world of weddings.

You will see food, cake, and wine vendors, many or all with samples for you to taste! There will also be numerous photographers, jewelers, venue representatives, florists, entertainers, invitation curators, and more, all there to present you with their best for your perfect day.

Of course, picking the right wedding show to attend might be a little daunting, here are some suggestions:

  1. You can never go wrong with a simple Google search. Find out what wedding shows are available in your area. Bride World is the largest wedding show in the industry. Still, even we have shows in different locations and with some differing vendors. The best way to pick a show is to look at a vendor list and get lost clicking around. If you find things you like more from one wedding show compared to another, then go with your instincts.
  2. Ask some married friends. Your married friends and family not only have the experience but also know you well enough to be able to point you in the right direction. Ask around! They might mention some of the very places you've been looking up.
  3. Deciding on a budget may help you decide on the wedding show that fits you best. There are major statewide shows, like Bride World, and there are some more local, boutique wedding shows. The statewide shows offer a range of prices while boutique wedding shows can be more upscale. HereComesTheGuide.com has some helpful tools for you to look up wedding shows near you.

Don't be afraid to attend more than one wedding show at different stages of your wedding planning. Bride World has numerous shows in four locations, each with fun environments ready to help you plan your big day. Warning, though, it is recommended not to go to more than three wedding shows during your engagement period to prevent "wedding show burnout." Wedding planning should be more than a myriad of tasks and decisions to make; it should remain fun and full of beautiful memories.

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