3 Ways to Add Some Parisian Chic to Your Wardrobe

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Paris is a wonderful combination of old-world charm and effortless class. Strolling the cobblestone streets and people watching from corner cafés on my latest trip gave me a good view of what's going on in the French fashion world. And, girls, it's very different than the perfect-hair, mask-of-makeup look we've got going on this side of the pond.

Parisian women have a captivating sense of self-confidence that exudes from carelessly thrown-on clothes, slightly messy hair, and minimalistic jewelry. The simplicity is arresting. You won't find enormous J.Crew-style statement necklaces in Paris or flawless hair or perfectly matching outfits. In Paris, you'll see something entirely different.

These pieces will help you add some French flair to your own wardrobe.


Bold bracelets and long, dangly earrings are my thing, so the Parisian preference toward dainty jewelry is hard for me to embrace. But I'm giving it a try. Tiny watches, thin gold necklaces, and subtlety are the chic woman's best friend. Skip the statement jewelry and opt for something small and alluring.


Parisian women have this 'free and easy' sort of air, and the small purses they wear underscore it. Instead of an enormous bag that covers half their body, they choose tiny bags that complement their outfits without stealing the show.


Paris is the perfect place to people-watch, and since shoes play an important part of any fall wardrobe, I kept a close watch on the feet that passed by. When it comes to shoes, I'm drawn to ballet flats, but the ladies in Paris are not always so practical. I saw a woman in bright red heels run down the street to catch a taxi, a lady in a business suit hop onto her motorcycle wearing four-inch stilettos, and even a grandmother, with cane in hand, totter down a cobblestone alley with green suede high heels. Don't be afraid of heels. But when wearing flats, try to choose something better than your basic ballet style. One of my favorites was a pair of white flats with a gold detail on the toe. And be bold. Parisian woman are not afraid to stand out with shoes in every color: red, orange, pink, blue.

Incorporating Parisian style into your existing wardrobe is easy when you start with something small like changing your statement necklace for a tiny one or your black shoes for a pair of orange ones. Always remember: Style is all about being you. No two Parisian women look the same, so start adding a touch of Paris style to your fashion sense by embracing your personality and letting what you wear complement who you are.

And if you get the chance, cross the Atlantic sometime and soak up the beautiful, effortless style for yourself.

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