3 Ways Dynamic Creatives Can Boost Your Ad Returns

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3 Ways Dynamic Creatives Can Boost Your Ad Returns

Dynamic creatives have changed the way the ad world creates and manages their advertisements across multiple platforms and multiple channels. Its flexibility lets savvy advertisers stretch their advertising budgets further while working more efficiently and in a way that can drive significant increase in traffic, conversions and retention.

While the ways of adapting dynamic creatives into an advertiser's campaigns are ever-expanding, the truth is that regardless of the huge potential benefits and applications, some professionals are hesitant to integrate dynamic creatives into their advertising campaigns. This is often due to the amount of time and money that has gone into building up their brand, and for the most part, this is a very valid reason.

However, we know for you and your brand to get to the next level, you need to have the ability to efficiently reach more of your targeted prospects. That means utilizing user data in a way that gives you more control over the consumer experience and today that means having a better understanding of dynamic creatives.

What Are Dynamic Creatives in Today's Advertising World?

In short, dynamic creatives let marketing professionals use consumer data to present their ads directly to their target buyer.

Right now, the marketplace is filled with companies that specialize in gathering user data. It's this data that is now being used to pinpoint customers like never before. This data is making it possible for advertisers to identify their key consumers, while dynamic creative elements are helping their messages reach these ideal consumers.

In today's advertising world, it isn't enough to have a great ad campaign, especially when the cost is so high to reach the audience. Instead, you need to re-think your approach so that it is much more targeted.

This means that if you sell trendy apparel, for example, and are opening pop-up stores in both San Diego and New York next month, you can engineer your attention-grabbing creatives to specifically target females who are 18 to 30, who work or go to college nearby, and who love using Facebook. You can also make sure that your summer apparel is seen by the girls in San Diego, while your winter wear is seen exclusively by those in New York.

Basically, dynamic creatives allow you to be in the right place, at the right time.

Why Dynamic Creatives Are Important

To understand why dynamic creatives are so important, we need to better understand how they work.

First, each ad is created and optimized for the platforms they will appear on. This means Facebook creatives are designed differently than Instagram creatives because of the nature of how users interact with the particular platform.

From a technical perspective, dynamic creatives allow marketing professionals to segment their ads into several individual parts. Each of these parts has different creative versions that are then optimized to focus on specific target consumers. In the end, this makes the marketers' job easier as the template-driven ad will automatically rotate through the different versions in order to match the viewing audience based on the relevant data identified.

The Benefits of Dynamic Creatives and Importance of Creating Customized Ads

You can see that with this type of optimization on the table, it is not going to be enough to design a single ad that can deploy across a variety of different platforms. That's why the need to incorporate dynamic creatives across all of the platforms you use is crucial for producing the best possible returns.

Another benefit of dynamic creatives that's been identified by the biggest entities in the industry is an increase in efficiency. With this type of development process, you can create a single creative shell for an ad/platform and simply switch out the content that will fill the ad. This also allows you to have a common theme maintained throughout your advertising, while still allowing you to test different elements, particularly if the current ads aren't producing. Some of these ad variations can go beyond, but include, elements like color themes, concepts, promotions or products offered.

If your focus is on prospecting, dynamic creatives can increase the relevance of your message so that you can the evoke the desired response from the consumer. However, if your goal is to re-target customers who have previously visited your site, then the mission for the dynamic creative could be to simply boost conversion rates.

With the use of cookies, dynamic creatives can even focus on processes like sequential messaging which allows you to identify what message a consumer has already seen and direct them to your next message.

From a direct response standpoint, this can mean being able to creatively engage different consumers at any point of your conversion funnel. This allows you to strategically place product ads in front of the user that complement the items they are currently viewing, where they are currently located, or so on.

With dynamic creatives and all the possibilities, you can finally begin to really tell your story.

How are you using dynamic creatives to boost your returns?

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