3 Sayings From The A-Team on the Benefits of IT Consulting for your Business

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"I love it when a plan comes together," Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith was famous for saying on the hit '80s television show The A-Team. Hannibal, the team's leader, always had a big, thick cigar pinched between grinning teeth as he said it, the smile suggesting that he had private expertise that guaranteed the team's success, whatever the obstacle.

The A-Team was, of course, a falsely accused "crack" commando unit who escaped from military prison to become soldiers of fortune, righting wrongs everywhere they went.

They used their unique military knowledge to solve problems and help people, all while trying to clear their own names. In many ways, they were like military consultants hired to fix problems only their unique skill set could solve.

Sure, that skill set was mostly blowing stuff up (though no one ever seemed to get hurt). Still, there's no doubt their methods brought effective solutions.

Hiring a qualified IT consultant can bring effective solutions to your business the same way. Not by blowing stuff up, of course, but by strategically putting it together. No matter the specific project, you can harness the unique technological expertise of a good consultant to guarantee success when improving your network.

Here are 3 quotes from The A-Team that demonstrate the benefit of IT consulting for your technology needs.

1. "Overkill is Underrated." – Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith

When it comes to network security, "pretty sure" doesn't cut it. That's where a good IT consultant can feel like a network Navy Seal. Whether through long-term network monitoring or a one-time assessment that leads to recommendations on shoring up vulnerabilities, effective IT consulting can fortify your network security until it's as impenetrable as a tank.

Data Center Dynamics

The risks of data loss are high, and go well beyond external threats. In fact, insider threats are a huge risk for businesses. A good IT consultant can whip your staff into shape like B.A. Baracus, training them on protocols and best practices that will keep them from creating vulnerabilities from inside the network.

2. "Hang on Everybody, I Wanna try Something I saw in a Cartoon Once." – Captain 'Howling Mad' Murdock

It's funny when Murdock, the A-Team's pilot (and resident goon), tries something crazy in the heat of the moment. It's a lot less funny when an under-qualified IT staffer tries the same thing while constructing your network.

Poor cabling or inadequate floor coverage with your wireless routers are just the start of what can go wrong when an IT amateur takes the yoke putting your network together. It can cause delivery bottlenecks on servers, productivity loss from incompatible equipment and software, and inefficiencies from unsupported growth, among other problems.

Successful companies experience growth. And while growth is good, it can also put massive restrictions on your network and technology if not properly anticipated and accounted for, making your network come off cartoonish in the process.

You might even invest a lot of unnecessary capital expenditures up front when you'd be better suited taking your systems into the cloud instead. A consultant's expertise combined with their objective outside perspective allows them to develop a custom-tailored IT strategy for your business that takes into account your future needs, too.

3. "Got No Time For Jibba Jabba." – Bosco "B.A." Baracus

B.A. Baracus, played by Mr. T, wasn't much for wasting time on nonsense. And you shouldn't be either. Does your company's current communications approach shrug off nonsense and increase productivity?

Companies of all sizes require inter-office communication.

Why waste time (and money) fooling around with inferior communication? That's where unified communications can keep the "jibba jabba" out of your operations.

An IT consultant can recommend programs, software and systems that help your team connect better and work more productively. These include instant messaging programs, task management software, and VoIP solutions that give you remote access to your office phone.

By developing a unified communications strategy that fits your specific business, you can save money and increase productivity. There are numerous solutions to meet and expand your communication strategies that keep your team engaged and boost collaboration in new ways.


Though Mr. T never actually used his trademark saying in the A-Team, we're confident he'd "pity the fool" who didn't "listen up and listen good" by wasting time on inferior communication.

Make Your Plan Come Together With IT Consulting

Technology is advancing at incredible rates. And given that most SMBs are focused on their own day-to-day business operations rather than keeping up with these advancements, a good IT consultant can be like having your own A-Team. They can help you not only develop a plan that suits your needs, but also execute that plan in explosive fashion.

Every company has to live with budget realities. With IT consulting, you're more likely to get the best bang for your buck when investing in optimizing your IT infrastructure.

If you have a problem and you can find them, maybe you should hire the A-Team. If not, maybe give us a call!

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