3 Reasons Why You Need to Vacation in Ocho Rios

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Travelers can take advantage of endless opportunities for exciting experiences in Ocho Rios, Jamaica thanks to its comforting cuisine, adventurous amenities, and shopping options. The venturesome vacationist keeps on his feet in this sunny city with activities such as zip lining and river rafting. Local eateries and countless restaurants satisfy the foodies' undying passion for both exquisite meals, whether it be as quick as a cheese patty or a slow-cooked dish, such as oxtails and rice. Multiple shopping options also provide consumers with immediate access to curated collections and instant Caribbean style.

Delectable Dining

Ocho Rios offers the food connoisseur a variety of local food with both home-cooked meals and upscale dining. The Bizot Bar and Restaurant offer delicately crafted cuisine to its patrons, including rice and peas with spicy jerk chicken and delicious catfish and ackee. Visitors can also turn to places such as Miss T's Kitchen and AquaVue Restaurant and Bar for that authentic Jamaican home-cooked taste. Eager excursionists can also find delectable dining options from multiple vendors simply by strolling down Faith's Pen. The vegan vacationist can also find organic treats at Stush in the Bush.

Stylish Shopping

Ocho Rios offers shopping enthusiasts alluring apparel made from hemp at Hemp Heaven. Tourists can also bring a collection of Jamaican culture home with them when they buy the array of souvenirs and t-shirts from Island Leisure. Additionally, visitors can enjoy a curated shopping experience in the heart of Ocho Rios at Island Village.

Eventful Experiences

Ocho Rios does not shy on the notion of adventure with its zip lining and river rafting tours available at recreational sites, such as Adventures Zip Line Canopy at Cranbrook Rainforest Gardens and Calypso Rafting. Travelers can also climb the falls or relax at the beach at Dunn's Rivers Falls. Visitors also have a chance to ride horses or even swim with dolphins at the Horseback Ride 'N' Swim or the Dolphin Cove.

Entertainment becomes a standard with all the available amenities Ocho Rios has to offer. It's time to book your stay today.

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