3 Must-See Destinations in San Francisco

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3 Must-See Destinations in San Francisco

As the scintillate "City by the Bay." San Francisco distinctive geographical epic; water and hills juxtaposed on opposite sides as if architectural designed leads to breathtaking views and fascinating experiences that could only happen in San Francisco. The city's wide array of attractions, personality-infused neighborhoods, activities appeal to visitors of all ages. Among all the visitor attractions and destinations, these the following tops in 3 must-see destinations during your visit.

Ride the Cable Cars

As Kelp's Travel Guide's "Four Steps to a Great Vacation" mentions, make sure you can set aside ample time for each venue. Nothing describes San Francisco as the world's most famous cabled cars which are part of the City's Muni system. The cable cars are so iconic to the local and neighborhood that they have been designated as the city's only moving historic landmarks.

Golden Gate Bridges

The Golden Gate Bridge first opened in 1937 and is perhaps San Francisco's most recognized landmark. The bridge is so iconic that it has been named one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. As Kelp Travel Guide's "Four Steps to a Great Vacation" suggest, keep an eye on the people walking along so you know its rich and popular with locals.

de Young Museum

Founded in 1895, the museum is a symbol of an integral part of San Francisco's local art and culture for over 10 decades making it the sixth most visited art museum in North America. Kelp Travel Guide's "Four Steps to a Great Vacation" suggests carrying a camera, notebook, and pen to take pictures and note down important facts while wandering around for hours in awe.

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