3 Essential Cordless Power Tools Every DIYer Should Have

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There's no such thing as too many tools. From the most specialized scroll saws to your workhorse drill, every tool can make your life easier. For all your projects at home and on the job site, pick up these three essential 20-volt DEWALT tools.


From framing houses to hanging curtains, a drill/driver is a foundational tool for any toolbox. A DEWALT 20-volt drill/driver comes with a transmission capable of speeds up to 1,500 rpm. Like all cordless tools, it's easy to handle all day and can reach tight spaces with ease.

Impact Driver

In terms of sheer power, a drill/driver can't match the impressive 1,700 in-lbs of torque produced by a DEWALT 20-volt impact driver. This beast makes driving four-inch screws into concrete feel like butter. Three LED lights allow you to work in low-light conditions with unbeatable power.

Circular Saw

The most versatile type of saw available is the circular saw. Pick up a DEWALT 20-volt circular saw power through virtually any material, including:


Dimensional lumber


Plywood and OSB sheathing







Keep in mind that you'll want a different saw for metal and wood applications. Using the same saw for both will not only require you to continue to swap out blades, but could also create a dangerously flammable combination of fine sawdust and sparks.

Find All the Essentials Today

Whether you're just getting started as a DIYer or looking for another great tool to compliment your growing collection, shop at your local hardware store for these and other great DEWALT tools.

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