2021 Wedding Trends Worth Watching

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2021 is trying its hardest not to be 2020, and the real wedding trend we're looking forward to seeing this year is effort. After a year of canceling and rescheduling and postponing, couples are just dying to finally cut loose and celebrate their love. From dresses to venues, here are some trends that you may want to embrace in order to achieve a fun and safe event.


All those cancellations really built up, and now we're seeing it all bubble over. Charm and personality explode from the personalized cocktail hour snacks and opulent seating vignettes that promote COVID compliant safety measures in the best way possible. Opulence doesn't just refer to jewels and fountains of champagne; layers of color and unique decor allow room for distant seating arrangements in a ceremony or reception to be made lively and full of character. It's not just about filling the space, though; after 2020, everyone deserves a bright party to celebrate love and life.

Au Natural

In the vein of fresh and light, many weddings are trending towards natural elements on steroids. From outdoor weddings to filling venues floor to ceiling with greenery, weddings are energized by open air and vibrant, living decor. This theme translates to dresses in the form of romantic silhouettes and airy fabrics, oftentimes allowing the bouquet to shine.


When everyone is separated by distance and masks, it can be hard to still touch the hearts of your guests. That's where the cheeky and charming personalized details come into play. From monogrammed face masks to individual cakes, it's all about loads of charm and creativity packed into neat little packages.

Intimate Ceremonies

Smaller weddings don't mean having to compromise the level of elegance and beauty. Microweddings have the opportunity to limit the guest list to those you really want at the event, as well as saving a couple dollars with fewer people in attendance. Elopements are also showing to be in favor with couples in 2021; the venue can virtually be anywhere, from the middle of a forest to on top of a mountain, and the pictures will be incredible. In a time of projecting personal while maintaining personal space, pictures are the key to a 2021 wedding, so make them epic!

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