2 tactics your competitors are using for B2B lead generation

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It is interesting how many B2B lead finding tactics exist. Most are reshaped versions of old and used techniques while others bend you towards steep learning curves or time wasting research on overload. There are quicker ways to gain an insight into potential clients and where they are and what they need.

Social media has taken the pole position in recent months. Not just LinkedIn as a B2B platform but also Facebook. Twitter can bridge the gap quickly if you know the right hashtags to follow or the best lists to be a part of.

Quora is a very effective channel for reaching prospects. By diving into discussions where you can help answer queries, you can build trust with potential clients.

Fusioo, a CRM software firm, dished out a fine article on two ways to augment your current lead finding strategy. Sometimes picking up the phone is not the best way. You need targeted data that shows potential interest in your products. Obvious signs like a quote request, people asking how much a CRM or a website costs, and so on.

André Gauci at Fusioo wrote in his article:

Let's assume you are a small digital agency offering web development and marketing services. Without targeting any particular niche, what would someone who needs a website ask?

Maybe how much does it cost to build a website similar to X?

Or how much would it cost to maintain a website?

These buying signs indicate a need - one to fulfill if you offer the service.

Both LinkedIn and Quora throw this data onto the search engines and there are effective ways to find potential clients and engage with them.

Do read the article on Fusioo here which could ramp up your leads.

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