11 Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Go Green!

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Most people think that helping the environment is a task best suited for adults, but children can also do their part to help contribute to a healthier planet. By teaching them at an early age, you set the tone as to how much they care for the environment moving forward in life. There are many easy things that kids can do that you would not even realize are helpful in conserving resources. Many little things you can teach your kids to do now will become lifetime habits. One of the best and easiest things is also probably the simplest; have your kids play outside instead of sitting in front of the television or playing video games. This is not only good for image: http://cdn.business2community.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Depositphotos2595090XS-300x297.jpg the environment by cutting down on energy consumption, but will keep your children physically fit and active. Have your kids go through their video games or toys that they no longer play with, and you and they can take them to a consignment shop and sell them. If more children did this it would obviously cut down on the amount of toys and video games manufactured, and when you take into account the millions of both of these produced every day this would be a big help. An alternative to selling things at a consignment shop is having your kids donate the video games, toys and even old clothes to charity. There are many charities willing to except these items–Goodwill, Salvation Army, homeless shelters, or even most local churches are glad to get these things. As far as video games go, why buy them when your kids will likely just let all but one of the many games they have sit on the shelf. Companies like GameFly and NetFlix allow you to rent the games your children want online, saving you not only money but gas for a trip to the store. It would also cut down on the materials used to produce the packaging and the cartridges and disks. Have the kids take shorter showers; make a game of it by timing them. This saves both water and the energy to heat the water as well. Have them turn off the faucet while brushing their teeth, maybe put some water in a small reusable cup on the sink for rinsing their mouths instead of leaving the water running. Make them understand how important turning off lights and televisions when they leave a room is for conserving energy. Be sure they know to close doors when they come in to the house or go out, and why they should keep the refrigerator door closed. Recycling cans, paper, and plastic is important, and they will love to help sort things if you give them separate bins or bags. You can have them help plant trees, and let them know how much that helps our air. They can also make many craft projects out of recycled materials like paper towel and toilet paper rolls, and cereal boxes. Children love to help, and if you explain to them how they can make an impact on the environment and help keep their planet healthy, they will be happy to help.

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