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Why We Gave Our Editors A Raise

Here’s why we increased editor rates at Scripted, and why you should work with us, too!

Earlier this year, we interviewed one of our long-time editors to give everyone an insider’s look at what it’s like to work with Scripted. For Stephen A., the hardest part about being an editor is taking on the responsibility for the quality of another person’s writing. While that is a crucial part of editing, there’s a lot more that goes into being an editor, whether that be with Scripted or anywhere else.

Why Is Editing So Hard?

The first thing you may think of when you envision an editor is someone who checks copy for grammar and spelling issues — but that’s just the beginning. From style guides, special instructions and keywords to grammar, spelling and flow, Scripted editors have a long list of things to check for when editing. Being an editor, freelance or full-time, is no easy feat; here are some of the biggest challenges.

And That’s Why We Increased Our Editor Rates

These reasons are exactly why we decided to increase our editor rates. We understand that editing is not simple, and our old rates didn’t sufficiently reflect the effort we were asking of our editors. As of this month, we have increased our editor rates by up to 50 percent to better compensate our editors.

But Rates Aren’t The Only Reason Why Editors Love Scripted

Money isn’t the only reason why editors are drawn to working with Scripted. Some of our other perks include:

The best part of all this? We’re looking for new freelance editors to join our community! If you’d like to become a Scripted editor, please submit a resume and application through our Freelance Editor job listing.