Why Hiring Guest Bloggers is a Good Content Strategy

Blogs are good marketing tools for companies. A relevant and well-written blog increases traffic to a company’s website and also sales. The blog posts offer useful information to readers, and slowly the number of subscribers rises. Whether a blog is new or has been around for years, sometimes the writer runs out of ideas for blog posts. After all, even experts can’t know everything about a subject. In other situations, a blogger doesn’t have time to write. At this point, hiring guest bloggers becomes a good content strategy.

Why Hire Guest Bloggers

Guest bloggers bring their expertise. When you hire bloggers, you want them to have knowledge and experience in a specific niche or industry. This makes the blog post more authoritative than one written by someone who does extensive research before writing about a topic he has no expertise in.

A guest blogger offers a new viewpoint or perspective on the niche. These fresh opinions can make for a lively online discussion with readers and the guest blogger, thereby bringing more traffic to the blog.

When you hire a guest blogger, she could have her own blog and faithful readers. When you hire such a blogger to create a guest post for you, the blogge may lead her followers to your site. Some bloggers announce when they guest post on other blogs. This is free publicity for your company blog

Many bloggers are happy to do a guest post because in the short bio box you give them, they get backlinks to their blog. This means that the guest blogger gets new reader from posting on your blog. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Hiring Guest Bloggers

Hiring one or several guest bloggers adds more variety to a company blog. You can hire writers for just one guest post or for ongoing contributions. You can also rotate them on a regular basis. When looking for guest bloggers you can contact them directly through their blogs, place ads on relevant forums or use a freelance writing marketplace. A marketplace does the hiring and screening of bloggers. With many marketplaces, only writers with experience in a niche can accept assignments. It’s an effective way to hire one or more expert guest bloggers for your blog.